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Real Reason Why They Were Never In A Relationship With Each Other

Lately, Keanu and Sandra unveiled they were deeply in love with eachother when shooting Speed.

No one could deny the simple fact that Keanu and Sandra had chemistry onto the monitor. However, the concern about that all buffs wonder Keanu did not move to an Off screen love with Sandra.

After Ellen DeGeneres had different interviews with Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves, both performers demonstrated they had been still in love with each other if they filmed the film Race in 1994. The only real problem this was neither of them knew it. Falling inlove, Sandra conceals her feelings and says that she had been in love with Keanu, however, said nothing because she did not knew he felt exactly the same.

Sandra said she believed that Keanu did not enjoyed her Keanu said he had been absolutely in love with Sandra!

Sandra said she always thought how cute Keenu was how amazing they’d seem together, however it had been not difficult because of her. It had been very hard on her to really be acute. She states after Keanu watched her, then she started crying, however he never dated her. She believes there is something about her which she did not enjoy and believes that they were friends for quite a while because they did not possess physical closeness between them.

Keanu explained he didn’t have any concept of bull’s feelings which were oriented towards him said he certainly didn’t understand he had been inlove . Talkshow host, Ellen DeGeneres, sounded very amazed to discover the celebrities never showed their own feelings towards eachother.

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