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Ready Player One 2: Everything We Know!

Steven Spielberg once again, outdid himself with the release of ‘Ready Player One’ back in 2018. The film, which is based on the novel that goes by the same name written by Ernset Cline, is successfully represented. The film was viewed by the audience as one of the finest works produced by Spielberg. It was positively reviewed by critics and accomplished an estimate of $600 million worldwide. It was a sure shot win for Warner Bros., and it would have been a surprise if they hadn’t announced a sequel to it already. Since the first film met with such success, it was natural for the film to meet a sequel as well.

The internet is buzzing with rumors, stating that Ernest Cline is working on writing a sequel to the film. In a statement to the press, he stated that he wanted to ensure that he is able to finish the first draft of the second film before he watches the original one. He wanted to ensure that the movie doesn’t influence his flow of writing the sequel. In the statement to CinemaBlend, Cline said, “I was very conscious of wanting to write a sequel to my novel that would please fans of the novel but also could serve as the basis for a fun movie.”

While the second book, which is still in works, doesn’t have a release date, it is speculated to revolve around the world of the same characters and a similar situation will prevail in the future as well. According to Cline, he feels that the fun element of any sequel for him would be able to successfully explore different “facets of pop culture.” He wants to be able to use the similar thinking process for the sequel as well and write stories that draw people to the same. According to the writer, he spent a lot of time and effort into creating Oasis. For those who are unaware, Oasis is another video game that the writer is working with. He has been able to use that platform to relay different forms of stories.

When speaking of the cast that is set to return with the upcoming film, we can easily suggest that Samantha Cook is definitely signed up for the sequel. However, the actress has not been confirmed as yet. When requested for a comment, the actor stated that she has signed her life away so she is technically contracted to sequels. At the same time, she doesn’t know if the sequels are taking place and she hasn’t heard anything on similar lines either.

If Samantha is expected to return to the film, it can be safely assumed that the film will also experience the return of Tye Sheridan and Lena Waithe along with Philip Zhao and Win Morisaki. Along with this crew, Simon Pegg is also expected to come through with the return of the film.

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