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Read One Punch Man Chapter 169: The End Of Garou

Read One Punch Man Chapter 169

One Punch Man Chapter 169 is all set to be released on 5th August 2022. Scroll down below to know more about One Punch Man Chapter 169, Release Date, Countdown, Spoilers, English Dub, and more:

The One Punch Man is a Japanese Superhero Manga series created by One. It tells the story of Saitama, a superhero who becomes bored due to a lack of challenge because he can defeat any opponent with a single punch. In early 2009, One created the original webcomic manga version.

Later it was converted to live-action films and web series which were directed by Shingo Natsume (Season 1) and Chikara Sakurai (Season 2) and written by Tomohiro Suzuki. It was the 9th best-selling manga of 2016, with over 3.9 million copies sold.  Continue reading for further details.

Previously In One Punch Man Chapter 168:

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Read One Punch Man Chapter 169

Before reading the upcoming chapter, let’s get a small recap of the previous chapter.

The opening scene of chapter 168 shows the incomplete war between Saitama and Garou. Both were fighting at full strength. Garou confessed that his main motive was to imitate Saitama’s moves to win the battle. Even after following the steps of Saitama, Garou realized that Saitama’s power was increasing consistently. Now it was difficult for Garou to actually defeat Saitama. In this chapter Saitama actually realizes how much strong he is. He felt that he never had the chance to show his real strength until this fight. Now while fighting, Garou had ripped all his clothes off which actually made Saitama a bit uncomfortable. But in those windy nights, Saitama standing without any clothes had actually out Garou in trouble. Saitama when just sneezed for once had destroyed almost the whole of Jupiter planet. With this action of his, Garou decided to run away immediately. Just when he was planning to leave, Saitama increased his speed by farting and stood behind Garou. With a blank, expressionless face, Garou was standing still when the chapter ended.

One Punch Man Chapter 169 Release Date:

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One Punch Man Chapter 169 is released on 4th August 2022.

One Punch Man Chapter 169 Spoilers And Assumptions:

Read One Punch Man Chapter 169

According to the usual rule, the spoilers for every chapter releases 2 or 3 days prior to it’s original release date. But for this chapter, we can definitely make few assumptions regarding the matter of the upcoming chapter. The first thing that will happen in the upcoming chapter is the ‘declaration of war results’. The most important question that arises is ‘if Garou has been officially defeated by Saitama.’ To know about the results of the war, stay tuned for the release of chapter 169.

Where Can I Read One Punch Man Chapter Online?

We do not recommend you to read any manga from fake websites. You can read the manga on Viz media.

One Punch Man Cast and Crew:

  • Saitama
  • Genos
  • Garou
  • Illustrated by: Yusuke Murata
  • Published by: Shueisha

Frequently Asked Questions About One Punch Man

Q: Will there be a One Punch Man Season 3?

Ans: It is expected that there will be a season 3 for One Punch Man which might get released in November 2022.

Q: Is Saitama stronger than Goku?

Ans: Yes, Saitama ics very much stronger than Goku.

Q: What is the age of Saitama in One Punch Man?

Ans: Saitama’s age is 25 years in the manga series One Punch Man.

Q: Who is stronger than Saitama:

Ans: Boros is stronger than Saitama in the manga series One Punch Man.

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