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Ray Donovan season 7: Is the show cancelled after the last season?

Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan is a show that received a wide viewership. It was the biggest premiere of all showtime. Ann Biderman is the creator of this wonderful show. The first season aired on June 30, 2013. The viewers enjoyed the show immensely and since then started asking for more from the creators. The show also bagged many awards and nominations like the Critics Choice Award and Golden Globes. After the Ray Donovan season 7 premiered on January 19, 2020, the fans are wondering whether an 8th season is on the way. However, we have bad news for you all, season 7 was the last one of the show. The show completed 7 seasons with 82 episodes. This announcement was truly a shock to the viewers and fans as they were expecting the 8th season for the show. To know more about the show, continue reading this article.

What is the show about?

Ray Donovan works in a law firm and has an excellent brain when it comes to covering up crimes for the rich and famous. However, often we see people who are good at solving other issues and fail to do the same with their personal issues. He is good at covering up shreds of evidence and bribing or threatening the witnesses. Moreover, his relationship with his wife and father are strained. He was also the reason his father went to prison. To know more about this man, watch Ray Donovan in Showtime.

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Other updates on Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan season 7 was the final season of the show and if you think you were the only one shocked by this news. Well, it wasn’t just the fans but even the team of the show. The announcement of season 7 being the last one was a surprise to them all. However, even though the last season ended in a cliffhanger, Ray Donovan returning to the screen has very limited possibilities.

The cast of the show includes Liev Schreiber as Ray Donovan, Paula Malcomson as Abigail, Eddie Marsan as Terrence, Dash Mihok as Brenden, Pooch Hall as Daryll, Steven Bauer as Avi Rudin, Katherine Moennig as Lena Burnham, Jon Voight as Michael and the others.

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