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Rare lobster specimen found in Canada

In a recent incident, fisherman Robinson Russell witnessed an amazing spectacle in a lobster haul at the Grand Manan Island in Canada. Among the different lobsters that were caught in the fray, Robinson observed a lobster which had a translucent blue-pink shell. The lobster was termed as a ‘cotton candy’ lobster and Russell named it ‘Lucky’. Russell donated his find to the Huntsman Marine Science Center in New Brunswick in Canada.

Lobsters are known to change to red color when cooked albeit with the possibilities of numerous color variations on their shells. This can be validated from the fact that Russell had fished out bright orange, yellow, and blue lobsters from the waters where Lucky was found. The oceans also harbor split tone and calico lobsters although with the limited chances of spotting them. According to the University of Main Lobster Institute, calico lobsters are likely to be 1 in 30-million and split tone lobsters are likely to be 1 in 50-million.

The ambiguities regarding the special coloration of the shell of Lucky have also garnered the attention of scientists. The different pigments in the shell of the lobster are altered by genetic mutation thereby causing the vibrant expression of colors. This explanation was provided by the manager of the Huntsman Marine Science Center, Cynthia Callahan. Due to its coloration, the chances of camouflaging in the ‘cotton candy’ lobster are minimal.

Various sources imply that the possibilities of finding lobsters with similar coloration to that of Lucky can only be found at a difference of four or five years. However, according to the statement made by marine biologists, the lobster was considered similar to an albino that put the chances of finding it at one in 100 million thereby implying the rarity of the ‘cotton candy’ lobster. The unique species would be housed at the Huntsman Marine Center for the rest of its life thereby accounting for its safety.

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