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Rainbow Six Siege: Tachanka rework arrives to Xbox and PS4 this October

Ubisoft’s official announcement to rework the Tachanka aims to bring the meme-tier defender into meta once again. Tachanka operates with a mediocre kit in Siege. Tachanka’s LMG turret puts him intact in a single location, and it is easy for the attackers to kill him, by shooting him or blowing him up with a grenade. The rework is to develop the overall defensive role of Tachanka.

Ubisoft reveals its plan for Tachanka reworks at the Six Invitational 2020 which was accepted with huge applause. As of now Tachanka’s reworked armor or speed values is not revealed. Ubisoft has however released snippets for Tachanka rework gameplay, revealing the primary weapon and gadget in action.

When will Tachanka rework arrive on the consoles?

Ubisoft released the latest reiteration of the Russian monolith on October 7, 2020. The game is available on all platforms including Xbox and PS4. The new Tachanka arrives in year 5.

The lead game designer, Jean-Baptiste Hallé mentions at Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 panel that the operators are planning other reworks too which will successfully arrive by Year 6.

What is the gameplay of Tachanka Rework?

The demo gameplay of Tachanka rework gives a rough idea of the primary weapon and his gadget. The gameplay is now available and it looks like Tachanka Rework will finally make it to the top 6 Rainbow Six Siege operators.

What is the primary weapon of Tachanka Rework?

The recent primary weapon of the rework of Tachanka is the old turret-based LMG, the RP-46 Degtyaryov. This time it comes with a sudden mobility boost. The turret is now equipped with a number of attachments.

There are a custom reflex sight and the weapons bipod which provides more stability. The RP-46 Degtyaryov also boosts the destructive capabilities. Tachanka can very quickly create a rotation hole to vault through as he shoots a circle in a soft wall.

“Tachanka rework includes a grenade launcher called the Kulakov Launcher, which fires incendiary rounds.” This is what the new add-on feature is seen in the rework.

It looks like Tachanka rework is set to feature as one of the best Operators post the rework. As it seeks to bring the defender back into the game, enjoy the new features that the new upgradation brings to you.

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