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Ragnarok season 2 on Netflix: Release date, cast, plot and every detail


Ragnarok Season 1 was released on Netflix early this year on January 31, 2020. The show with its premise based on Norse mythology was well received and fans are wondering when they will get a second season. The series has been updated for another season. Here’s what we know.

Directed by Mogens Hagedorn, Ragnarok is a Norwegian original, and it follows the story of the God of Thunder. While fans have been waiting for the release of Thor: Love and Thunder which is to release in 2022 which will star Chris Hemsworth in the lead role, the viewers get an interesting approach to the early years of Magne who is an embodiment of Thor in the series Ragnarok. He is still a teenage boy who is on a quest to discover his hidden powers.

The town of Edda in Norway has been plagued by the effects of the change in climate and the growing industrial pollution. This sets us an interesting premise for the series.

Ragnarok season 2 release date: When will it release?

While the series has been updated for a second season, no information about the status of the production is yet known. Clearly the pandemic has delayed the production and unlike the premiere in January this year, the release of the second season will be significantly delayed.

Ragnarok season 2 cast: Who will be seen?

The cast of Ragnarok season 2 will possibly include-

  • David Stakston as Magne
  • Jonas Strand Gravli as Laurits
  • Herman Tømmeraas as Fjor
  • Theresa Frostad Eggesbø as Saxa
  • Emma Bones as Gry
  • Henriette Steenstrup as Turid
  • Synnøve Macody Lund as Ran

Ragnarok season 2: Plot Details

The battle between Thor Magne and Vidar was the main element of season one. Magne summons lightning with his growing powers which kills Vidar. He has instantly murdered.

The second season will bring many such battles between Thor and other giants in the series. This will help him to establish his legacy in the celestial system.

Ragnarok season 2 trailer

We do not have the trailer yet. Meanwhile, catch up the first season of Ragnarok on Netflix.

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