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R Kelly married Aaliyah to get abortion, says Jane Doe!

R Kelly’s court proceedings are in progress these days and new revelations and information are being unfolded in front of the court.

During the Monday proceeding at the Brooklyn Federal Courthouse in New York City, a victim presented under name second “Jane Doe.” She took to the witness stand and testified against the 54-year-old rapper. She stated that she was R Kelly’s girlfriend for five years, who was a 17-year-old high school student.

She also confirmed that Kelly married Aaliyah so that he could her to abort the child. Jane Doe testified that Kelly once invited and gathered his several girlfriends together so that they could ask him anything they’d like or want. That day, one of his girlfriends asked Kelly reason why he married Aaliyah. The rapper stated that he did so as only parents and spouses could legally give permission for a minor to get an abortion.

However, as Aaliyah was 15 year old minor at the time, the rapper carried out fake documents for Aaliyah stating that she was 18 year old and eligible to get married. Kelly arranged a fake ID for Aaliyah and got married to her in a secret ceremony at a hotel in Chicago.

According to Jane Doe, who is 23-years-old now, she dreamed of becoming an R&B recording artist, who went to R Kelly for an audition, but ended up being sexually abused by the singer. According to the reports, she was the eight witness to testify against Kelly, the artist who has pleaded not guilty to the charges of trafficking and sex racketeering.

As CNN reported, the witness informed that court that she was a Florida high school junior when she met Kelly at a music festival. After the concert, she was given a phone number by a member of Kelly’s entourage. With the dream of becoming a singer herself, Doe subsequently contacted the rapper and asked for his advice on entering the music industry. Joe was 17 at the time, but she told Kelly she was 18.

She further testified on Monday that she spent most of her time travelling to Kelly’s concerts across the country. Additionally, Kelly used to fund her expenses to travel around. The two started meeting often and soon their relationship became sexual, which later turned violent, testified Jane Doe.

As noted by the media present there in the court, which as directed by the court is minimal, Kelly, who appeared in a black suit, was “emotionless” during the testimony.

Explaining her experience in a descriptive manner, Jane Doe stated her life a high schooler and her interest in music which led her to meet with Kelly when opportunity knocked. She stated that Kelly approached Doe after she attended his show at a Florida music festival in 2015. The rapper even reached out to the victim and sang to her while a member of his team handed him a note with Kelly’s number on it.

Eventually, with an intention and hope of getting a professional advice from Kelly, Doe, who aspired to be a singer contacted via the given number. “I felt that any critique would be a good critique,” testified Jane Doe. Moreover, as told by Assistant US Attorney Maria Cruz Melendez last week, Kelly had assured the girl’s parents that he could help her with her career in music.

According to Doe’s testimony, Kelly invited her to a nearby hotel for an audition after a few days after the concert. However, when she visited the rapper, Kelly took her by surprise as he asked her to sit on his lap and kiss him.

Jane Doe testified, “I didn’t necessarily want to,” and then he took her to his room. She stated that Kelly told her he needed to ejaculate before starting the audition. Doe testified that Kelly kept trying to persuade her into having sex with him or let him perform sexual acts on her. She stated that Kelly told her he would take care of her “for life” if she agreed to his inappropriate demands.

“I didn’t necessarily care for that. I just wanted to sing,” she said.

Joe further stated that the sexual relationship between her and the rapper began in May 2015 and she was 17 at the time. “We had sex almost every day… Every time we had sex, he would record it.” She continued stating that by the end of 2015, the sexual intercourse between the two became painful and Doe became physically weak.

Eventually, Doe became too weak to even walk properly, after which she visited a doctor and came to know that she had contracted herpes. She testified that Kelly had not used protection on multiple occasions and neither disclosed his infection to her. Doe said that the rapper “purposely given me something that he knew that he had.”

Doe, who was crying throughout her testimony, stated, “I had told him (Kelly) and he was agitated and said that I could have gotten that from anyone. I told him that I had only been intimate with him.” She further stated that she experienced herpes outbreak many times and Kelly would tell “I think your pussy is broken.”

Later, Doe informed her parents and Kelly promised her that he would resolve everything. “I would get chastised nearly every two to three days. Spankings,” she testified. “He would leave bruises and sometimes it would make my skin tear.” Following this routine, Kelly began physically beating her. He once beat her because she told her friends about her sexual relationship with the singer.

“I was trying to run from him and fight back but I was no match,” said Jane Doe. “He had expressed that he had still wanted me to keep my body tight and he wanted to have a family after he got rid of the rest of the girls,” Doe testified.

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