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Queer Eye Season 6: The Fab 5 is back with another season! Check out the details here

The classic Netflix Original reality TV show Queer Eye is back for season 6. The infamous Fab 5 will soon return to our screens. People all around the world want them to visit their city. Certainly, this show and its characters have a crazy fan base. With the news of renewal, many faces have lightened up again. Read ahead to learn more about Queer Eye and The Fab 5.

About Queer Eye

Queer Eye is a Netflix Original American reality show. It is a reboot of the 2013 series of the same name. Queer Eye is a franchise in itself. Netflix renewed the show more than a decade later with a new group and new setting. The show is based upon a group/team of gay professionals, known as the Fab 5. They help and give lifestyle and fashion makeovers to their guests. They often encourage and help people to change their lifestyle after being public about their sexuality or in general. Hence, the tagline of the show says “More than a makeover”.

The first season of Queer Eye was released in 2018. In this run, the Fab 5 feature Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk and Jonathan Van Ness. All of them are experts in some field. Antoni is a food and wine expert and Tan is a fashion expert. Karamo, Bobby and Jonathan have expertise in culture, design and grooming respectively.

Throughout the seasons, the team and Fab 5 visited various cities and met people there. Till the date, the show has covered many states and cities including Yass (Australia), Kansas City, Japan, etc. Last season was filmed in Philadelphia. Similarly, the upcoming season also covers new cities and places.

Queer Eye Season 6 Release Date

Queer Eye season 5 was released in June 2020. Season 6 of Queer Eye didn’t tease people at all. The show was announced to be renewed for the sixth season in March 2020. It was before the release of last season.

Queer Eye season 6 is filmed in Austin, Texas. However, there is no official release date yet. Fans will have to wait for the new episodes for a while. Reportedly, Netflix had to stop the production of season 6 due to the ongoing pandemic.

Queer Eye: Reception and Awards

Queer Eye and the show’s concept was warmly accepted by the entire world. It has always maintained high scores in critical review charts.

All the seasons of Queer Eye hold more than 90% rate on Rotten Tomatoes. In fact, the last season scored 100%. Also, ever since it’s release, Queer Eye has won Emmy Awards each year. The show is again nominated for Emmy Awards 2020 in seven categories.

Cast of Queer Eye

The infamous Fab 5 is a group of five extremely talented people with expertise in different fields. The Fab 5 has inspired so many people to accept themselves. They have helped people groom their lives and feel confident. While sharing stories, the Fab 5 gives people makeover to make them feel more confident. Fab 5 have supported a huge crowd of people belonging to the LGBTQ community.

The inspiring Fab 5 are Antonio Porowski, Karamo Brown, ‎Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France and Bobby Berk.

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