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QB1 season 4 delayed due to pandemic? Here are the updates

QB1 Season 4

For all the football enthusiasts and fans of QB1, we got good news! QB1 Season 4 has been confirmed and it was supposed to release by August of this year. However, as we all know about the novel pandemic issue, this also poses an obstacle to the production of the sequel. The show was initially released in go90 and later taken up by Netflix. The first season aired on February 13, 2017, with the rest releasing in consecutive years. Season 3 was. Peter Berg directed the show. Moreover, he is known for his comedy films like Very Bad Things, The Rundown, and Friday Night Lights. QB1 has released 3 seasons with each season consisting of 10 episodes. The show received positive acclaims from its fans and was loved by its viewers. We are here to provide an insight into the show and its updates.

What to expect from QB1 season 4

Although the season has been delayed due to corona, the filming has begun. However, the season is set to release at the end of 2020. The fans have waited for a long but they will have to hold onto their patience for longer as no much information has been provided by the team. The show is likely to follow the same format as previous seasons.

QB1 is a football documentary that shows the success and struggles of three high school quarterbacks in each season. It is every footballer’s desire to be on the top. However, this gets complicated when you have to juggle between your high school pressure and your passion. The show features the real-life struggle of aspiring to achieve their NFL dreams. The show brings in three quarterbacks from American Highschool in each season. And so, the cast is still unknown although there are speculations. Keep reading to know who they will be.

The cast has not yet been confirmed but there are predictions by the fans. Bryce Young and Eric Sondheimer are expected to make their debut in the new season. However, we cannot confirm this and so let’s wait and watch for our new heroes.

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When can we expect the new season?

The new season is likely to air on December 13, 2020, but considering current situations we cannot be sure as to whether it will be delayed. The filming has already begun and so the fans can expect it soon if everything goes according to the plans.


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