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QB1 4, What are the names of episodes launched in previous seasons?

QB1 Season 4

Supporters of QB1 Season 4 are eagerly awaiting publication. QB1: Behind the Cameras, there’s an American TV. The Sports Documentary Series. It’s an original Netflix documentary series produced by Peter Berg. So far, Netflix has created three highly successful years. Netflix launched QB1 Season 1 for the first time in 2017. It has had a big success and very favorable reviews. Each series presents the exploits of three quarterbacks of American High Schools.

The QB1 show has hardly been America’s favorite but has achieved tremendous attention around the world. This is because of its thrilling appeal for television. After a long wait in August 2019, the third season was finally released. Since then, viewers have gone wild to learn about the Season 4 updates to the show.

To know more about the show, here is the official twitter account of the show

A piece of brief information about season 1,2,3 and 4:

Three high school senior quarterbacks are the main subject of each year of the soccer documentary. The three quarterbacks complete the third season of college soccer before going on to NCAA Division I. QB1: beyond the lights first started as a go90 series. As a result, it was moved to Netflix. The series highlights both the personal hardships and the team obstacles faced by these high school sports players.

We are given a rare glimpse of the personal lives of these quarterbacks, their friends, their colleges, and their social lives.–QB1 season 4.

About season 1 of QB1:

Netflix first launched QB1 Season 1, Episode 1 on 13 February 2017. QB1 Season 1 broadcast its last episode (10) on 17 April 2017. In season 1, we address the required quarterbacks: Tayvon Bowers (Wake Forest), Jake Fromm (Georgia), and Tate Martell (Ohio State and Miami).

Tayvon Bowers operated with the Wake Forest Deacons but then moved to the Gardner-Webb Runnin Bulldogs. Jake Fromm was from the Bulldogs of Georgia. He was eventually selected by Buffalo Bills in the 5th round of the NFL Draft.


• “The Journey Begins”
• “Kick-Off”
• “Don’t Mess with Texas”
• “Being King”
• “Sibling Rivalry”
• “A Storm Is Brewing”
• “Significant Others”
• “Make or Break”
• “Sacrifice”
• “On to the Next”

About season 2 of QB1:

Netflix launched Season 2 on February 28, 2018, which lasted until April 19, 2018. In season 2, the quarterbacks are Justin Fields of Georgia and Ohio State, Sam Hartman of Wake Forest, and Re-al Mitchell of Iowa State.

In season 2, Justin Fields starred for Georgia Bulldogs and then switched to Ohio State Buckeyes. Sam Hartman was Deacons of the Wake Forest. And Re-al Mitchell gave his services to the Iowa State Cyclones, who eventually transferred him to the Owls Temple.


• “A Game About Life”
• “Paying the Price”
• “Battle Ready”
• “Perception is Reality”
• “Something to Prove”
• “Grace & Redemption”
• “Reality Check”
• “Fully Committed”
• “Sidelined”
• “Moving the Chains”

About season 3 of QB 1:

Netflix officially launched Season 3 on August 16, 2019. Season Three does have the aforementioned quarterbacks: Lance LeGendre (Maryland), Spencer Rattler (Oklahoma), and Nik Scalzo (Kentucky).

The facility of Lance LeGendre is maintained by Maryland Terrapins. It was with the Oklahoma Sooners when Spencer Rattler was. And Nik Scalzo starred for the Kentucky Wildcats and the QB1 season 4 has yet to come.


• “What’s Your Why”
• “Setting the Tone”
• “Close Call”
• “Got your Back”
• “Living the Game”
• “Comeback”
• “Last Dance”
• “Game of Inches”
• “Next Man Up”
• “Never Settle”

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When is it going to launch?

Social media is packed with a lot of hype and speculation about the release dates of QB1 Season 4. Following current events, a new season is introduced every year. The first season was broadcast in 2017. Next, Netflix launched season two in 2018. The most recent one is season 3 and it was released in 2019. As a result, the viewer’s hopes for a new release, QB1 Season 4, are not out of place. Apparently, the coronavirus outbreak postponed the shooting and development of the planned QB1 season 4. Season 4 should have been published now in usual circumstances. However, Netflix is scheduled to release QB1 season 4 in the last quarter of the year.

Who are the characters?

The fans were waiting for the return of Bryce Young. Bryce Young, from California, is being tapped by fans to be among the quarterbacks. He has quickly been a famous star and a favorite in this regard. Netflix not featuring QB1 season 4 is sure to be a rude disappointment. Intriguingly, each season includes fantastic new faces; Season 4 is certainly predicted to include a share of new faces. In each of the earlier seasons, the new quarterbacks were all amazing. Let’s all hope that the pairing of fresh faces with Bryce Young will also yield wonderful results.

QB1 has no flashy reality TV glitter but enjoys stunning reviews and ratings for both of its seasons. It’s got a dedicated fan base, so we’re pretty sure there’ll be QB1 Season 4. Though Netflix hasn’t made any major statements yet, you should expect QB1 Season 4 to be premiered before the end of this year. As both previous seasons had 10 episodes each of 30 Minutes, we hope QB1 Season 4 will follow in their footprints.

Is trailer out for QB1 Season 4?

The QB1: Beyond The Lights Season 4 trailer is yet to be announced. Even so, you may be able to watch the teaser of the earlier episodes.


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