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Putlocker: Is Putlocker still available and what are its alternatives?

Putlocker is a website that is used for streaming movies and tv-shows online. This website initially originated in the UK in 2011. Since its inception, it has received an audience who stream movies and tv shows. The number of visitors has also increased manifold after the shutdown of Megaupload.

The High Court in the UK blocked Putlocker in May 2016, which led to its temporary closure in late 2016. As the official website is taken down, its copies are still widely in use. And the various websites that host a copy of Putlocker is quite popular to this day.

Is it Illegal to use Putlocker?

In effect, using sites like Putlocker is not legal. The content that the sites make available is copyrighted content and Putlocker does not own the rights of these shows and movies.

If the copyright holder does not give permission to share their content without following its clauses, you are not allowed to access this content. The rules for copyright infringement is different for every country. The consequences of using pirated content to watching streams on a site like Putlocker depend on the country.

What is the estimated net worth of Putlocker?

As per the sources, Putlocker.com is estimated to be worth around $2,183,200. Putlocker has an estimated revenue of $1,331 per day. And its monthly revenue is $39,930. The annual revenue of Putlocker is estimated to be $476,160.

What are the different streaming sections available on Putlocker?

The sections are

  • English movies
  • English TV series
  • Top IMDb movies
  • Top watched movies
  • Top watched TV shows

What are the popular alternatives to Putlocker?

  • 123MOVIES
  • gomovies

Disclaimer: For using these illegal which infringes the copyright issues, you can be potentially tracked down and charged for breaching the copyright laws.

Legal alternatives to Putlocker

The legal streaming services are

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Disney Plus
  • YouTube TV
  • Sling TV
  • HBO Now

Since Putlocker was taken down in 2016, every Putlocker site you visit is either a copy or a mirror. This aims to provide tries to provide an exact copy of the original Putlocker website but on a different server. Hence streaming content from these sites can pose great risks.



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