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Browsing the internet has never been easy: Puffin Browser!


To access the internet, you need to provide yourself with a browser. Of course, with prevailing technology, any browser can serve several advantages depending on the requirements. However, if you are looking for something with an extraordinary access speed rate, then Puffin Browser Pro should be the one for sure. When apps of a similar kind were striving to start, Puffin Browser Pro had already started working harder than anyone else. The speed of this app is nearly double that of its associates.

NAMEPuffin browser
GOOGLE PLAY LINKhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cloudmosa.puffinFree

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What is Puffin Browser?


Of course, Puffin is not an excellent internet browsing site like Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. But this is a surprisingly reliable web browser. It allows unbelievable administration with smooth data processing and loading speed rate correlated to Chrome and different web browsers. With CloudMosa’s pre-eminent cloud technology, Puffin Browser Pro is the default web browser for your smartphone.

Puffin Browser Pro is a funded web browser, and you have to spend $ 4.99 to download it from the Google Play store. But this browser has thousands and millions of customers, with tens of millions of users using the prepaid account. Why do customers prefer Puffin Browser Pro? Let us discover out some of its prominent characteristics through the article.

The quickest speed rate you can get 

Browsers take the power of the possible means of the device. As a consequence, they can spare cumbersome attachments and get loads of work to support. And with limited mobile devices, it will not be reasonable to take full benefits of the internet. Puffin Browser Pro makes everything operate at the fastest speed possible. It enables all users to experience the equivalent access speed.

The mystery to this technology is that it utilizes cloud servers. Thanks to contributing users with cloud-based business relationships, the speed is considerably increased. The difficulty is much more manageable. Your browsing speed depends totally on the connection speed of the internet. In the past, sluggish internet connection and inadequate facilities would make your browsing look like torment. Weak!!! Your workload will continuously upload to the system operation and then deliver the outcomes. The dynamic data no longer operate based on the power of the gadget. It makes the system improve his speed.

Most helpful Protection Tool for concerned users 

puffin browser

One minute aspect of internet services is protection. Moreover, Puffin Browser Pro uses cloud servers to operate, and it requires this safety part much more. The information is within its servers. Also, even the mediators cannot trace the information content. Circulated data is encrypted and is stored safely. It is also challenging for hackers to collect your private data in any way. And with this information, you will have more peace of mind when using wireless(wi-fi) hotspots. Anything you are managing through non-secure wi-fi is still encrypted. It is when you go to the cafes it becomes easy to work on the internet through Puffin.

The Most advanced Flash speeds up the browser. 

Flash is the primary protocol for identifying pictures and videos. If it is updated with the newest version, it will produce a more sluggish activity. And to improve interactivity, the app reveals the powerful variant of Flash. As a result, you operate actively, view videos, and control communications with more imperceptible delay. Under the prevailing circumstances, if Flash is gone from the latest browsers, Puffin will acquire new methods. Despite the situation, it will present you with the most magnificent pleasant web browsing experience.

Fast, powerful, economical

Browsers use the maximum data speed and take up more than half the bandwidth. It utilizes high traffic bandwidth to load content. Hence, your mobile data will be making enormous consumption. Puffin Browser Pro is unconventional because it practices an exclusive compression algorithm. Thanks to this data compression technology, data flow within servers and devices are also more constant. 

The advantage is that it will be fast now. It will now conserve 90% more of the data. That you require to manage to experience similar content related in different browsers, Now, take consideration when practicing streaming Flash content or videos. Because when you apply them, you need to enjoy the most eminent characteristic and resolution. So with these settings, your mobile data is utilized based on what you need, the screen resolution you want. People watching 1080p full HD videos will take more area. Also, if you are working on Flash games, you should pay more attention.

Some of the additional characteristics that improve the application are its appearance or themes that you can apply in the toolbar and the sidebar. They will address your browsing experience much more pleasant. Besides, with such exceptional distinction, you will not be scared of yourself missing it. You will tick what you require to begin. And these are setting which you can customize. There are many various choices for you to pick from depending on your favorite.

The web browser at lightning speed

puffin browser

Puffin Browser Pro has created by CloudMosa Inc, a US-based tech corporation. The proprietor of this firm is Shioupyn Shen. They experimented with the cloud-coding technology for the Puffin web browser expansion, and great, it allows unbelievable accomplishment. Puffin browser loads webpages, storing content, media files, and javascript quicker than traditional browsers. The only question, when browsing, the IP of the user is in the cloud. Some websites consider you a proxy server.

Chrome users are constantly whining about the web browser using up too much RAM. You will never face the same condition when working with Puffin Browser Pro.

Shield your data from hackers

We usually prefer to work in cafes to switch workspaces. You work using free wi-fi places to browse the website and transfer data. It is a good chance for hackers to keep your private data because of public wi-fi spots as they do not have not too strong protection. Puffin Browser Pro will take charge of all your problems. This web browser encrypts your data before transferring it to the cloud.

If you apply the unidentified web browsing tab, the application generates a private session when you practice it. And it will delete all data as soon as you stop the application or disconnect from the internet connection. Therefore, you can relax ensured that your machine is safe from hackers or malware.

Save bandwidth when browsing the website.

Puffin Browser Pro encourages users to browse the website 90% more cost-effective than standard browsers. However, if you see the video or live stream, the browser uses more bandwidth than usual. Anyway, it is suitable for Puffin Browser Pro for primary performance requirements like hearing music, reading journals, surfing social networks, etc.

With the saving method, you can customize some things like photos and videos. It will support the browser load quicker and more economically. Even if you attach via wifi, this method operates as usual. If you do not worry about the bandwidth maintenance problem, you can switch it off in the settings.

Supports gamepad and trackpad

Puffin Browser Pro recommends Adobe Flash, although it was abandoned this year due to some safety problems. The browser also maintains Gamepad and virtual Trackpad, enabling you to play Flash games easily and quickly on Android devices. The trackpad is a laptop characteristic that offers to browse conveniently.

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  • Is puffin browser safe to use or not?

As mentioned above, it might not be as good as Google or Firefox, but Puffin is surprisingly safer than these two.

  • How is the speed?

Puffin is unquestionably fast. It is now free on macOS, Windows, iPhone, and Android. 

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