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PUBG Mobile Lite Mod Apk: Most Popular Mobile Game as of now!

PUBG Lite hack apk

The roots of popularity of PUBG globally have deeply grown. It doesn’t matter if you play this game for time pass or you consider yourself a professional player, PUBG without ant doubt entertains the gamers because of its unique gameplay. For fastening itself into the gaming business, Tencent Games decided to launch the less complex mobile version named of the game PUBG Lite. It proved to be a great option for those who were unable to download the big-sized version of the game because of limited data packs or had older devices.

PUBG Mobile Lite Hack Details

NamePUBG Lite Hack
DeveloperTencent Games
Size500 Mb

PUBG Lite Hack Features

Auto-Aim (Aimbot)

It is a great attribute to finish your enemies with more accuracy. If you are facing problems in maintaining a perfect and steady aim at your targets because of recoil, then the Aimbot hack in PUBG Lite Hack definitely saves you.

No Recoil

Weapon recoils are the most irritating thing in any shooting game whether FPS or TPS. They not only disturb our aim but they also increase the risk of losing our lives.

Unlimited BC and Battle Points

The full form of BC is as we all know Battle Coin. Install the PUBG Lite Hack mod to get infinite BC in your game account. Additionally, you will also receive unlimited BP in your profile.

No Ban

Yup, you heard it right! PUBG Lite Hack is obviously safe to use. However, we must advise you to pay attention to the usage of all the features mentioned in this article.


It doesn’t matter if your enemy is hiding behind a wall or a tree, you can clearly spot them and finish them off with the help of Wallhack feature. Furthermore, all the vehicles, ammo, weapons, drops, health kits, and various other in-game accessories will be highlighted to you as well.

Speed Hack

This feature boosts our character’s speed and offers a great advantage to us in PUBG Lite game. The speed of the vehicles will be affected as well.


Que. Is PUBG Lite Mod Safe?
Ans. Yes. It is without any doubt completely safe and virus Free.

Que. Can I use PUBG Lite Mod Apk for Free?
Ans. Yes. You have to download PUBG Lite MOD Apk in order to use it for Free.

Que. Is it required to create an Account?
Ans. No. In the mod version you don’t have to create any account.

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