Priyanka Chopra’s new ‘Minnie Mouse’ look on a date with Nick Jonas startles the internet

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas never fails to surprise their fans. And their recent outing to Disney world was no exception. Jonas’s brothers are out on their Happiness begin concert along with their wives. Joe and Kevin are also on this trip with Sophie and Danielle respectively. In between their trip, priyanka and nick took out some time for their date to the theme park, Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

After the pictures of their date have been out on the Internet, fans are loving priyanka’s look for the date. She decided to wear a dark yield black crop top, a white pullover with an open front paired with black coloured knicks. She was looking dazzling in her outfit. And her Mickey Mouse shaded red and white shoes suited the best to the spot. That’s not all she even wore a red polka dot Minnie Mouse bow to complete the look.

Nick Jonas also complimented his wife with his look. He was seen wearing an athleisure. He wore a blue shirt with dim sweats and white tennis shoes. Both wore sunglasses to top their looks.


After their fun date, they are off to another destination for their tour. Let’s see what’s in the store ahead.