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Priyanka Chopra Hosts Her Own Met Gala With Her Niece, Sky

Every first Monday of May is the “Met Gala” day, which is celebrated as a significant event, and many popular celebrities show their appearance on this occasion. But, due to the spread of the life-threatening disease COVID-19, several events were postponed, including the Fashion’s biggest night out, “Met Gala.”

Whereas many of us, those who were waiting to see their favorite celebrity on Red carpet at Met Gala with their new look, were mourning but the global icon, our Desi Girl Priyanka Chopra surprised their fans by hosting her own private Met Gala at her house. And the best part of Priyanka Chopra Jonas’s gala event is the blue theme with her cutest niece, Sky, instead of her husband, Nick Jonas.

Amidst the pandemic, Priyanka Chopra Jonas posted some beautiful pictures on her Instagram and gave us a glimpse of her home Gala, which seems The Sky Is Pink star was missing the MET Gala red carpet badly in the quarantine days. So that’s why she decided to host her version of the Gala with the help of her adorable niece Sky with the beautiful blue theme.

Sky was styling her pretty Aunt as the pictures posted by Priyanka narrates. After posting her own Gala’s picture, she received wonderful comments from the fans and also got admiration for her lovely Met Gala theme.

An amazing princess-themed Gala was thrown together by the duo of Priyanka and her niece, Sky. On the occasion of their own private Met Gala’s PeeCee wore a denim wrap fancy gown that looks a perfect summer’s dress with a messy bun.

To top it off, Sky was so impressed by Priyanka that he gave her a stunning tiara for bringing the theme of their Gala to life. Priyanka shared few pictures from that day with the caption, “First Monday in May This year’s theme: Pretty Pretty Princess Glam and creative direction by @sky.krishna.”

You can check out these adorable pictures shared on Instagram by her. She also posted a video of her working out with Sky over the weekend. PeeCee was seen lifting Sky on the couch. She posted this video with the caption, “No gym, no problem.”

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