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Prison break 6: When we will get the chance to see it on the screen?

After the confirmation of the sixth instalment of the prison break in 2018; suddenly change happened in August 2019, where Fox announced that they have no new agendas and time to revive the prison break. But now we get some chances of watching season six on the screen in upcoming years. 

What do we see in prison break?

Prison break is an American crime drama television series which was developed by Paul Scheuring for fox network. The drama was internationally recognised and moreover made in Spanish and Arabic languages. The first season premiered on 26th august 2005 after its rejection from so many productions, the series finally made it on the network.

The plot follows as Lincoln Burrows was falsely indicted for enforcing a horrible crime; however, all evidence frames him as a suspect and makes his explanation hard to believe. Later Lincoln was convicted to death by the order of the court. Lincoln’s brother Michael Scofield made an effort to save his brother from the punishment. As he failed to succeed; he ultimately made his mind and plotted for a prison escape for his brother.

Prison break was recognised globally for its screenplay and directing where it got into the nomination in golden globe award, at prime Emmy awards and won people’s choice award in the year 2006 for favourite new television drama.

To the interesting fact; the script is partially based on his own experience of a prison break at a juvenile facility,  where the story of Donald Hughes in 1960 who planned and successfully escaped for his brother Robert Hughes.

When will we get the chance to see the sixth instalment of prison break?

The last episode of prison break made disappointment to every fan and also stated a much-hating ending. As in august 2019, the production ended the production on the sixth by stating no plans for it where the scriptwriter tweeted “hi prison breaker, I’m just dropping in to share some bummer news. Nothing is ever dead, but for now the elusive season six is not in the cards”, but Dominic Purcell posted a video on Instagram by quoting that the sixth instalment will be there for sure. As you see that all the industry put on hold because of the current circumstance pandemic. So the making of the sixth season is still in the process due to the coronavirus but we can accept the release by the end of 2021.

What do we see in the sixth instalment of the prison break?

The last episode of the fifth season stated Michael being granted full immunity for his crimes under CIA agent Poseidon.

The director of the CIA offers Michael a job that would utilise his particular set of skills and makes him live a normal life like others. 

crews gave rise to the series superhit through their acting skills:

Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield

Dominic Purcell as Lincoln Burrows 

Sarah Wayne Callies as Sara Tancredi

Robert Knepper as Amaury Nolasco

William Fichtner as Alexander 

Wade Williams as Brad Billick


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