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Prince Philip dies at 99; honored with 41 gun salutes!

U.K.’s Prince Philip, also known as the Duke of Edinburgh, said goodbye to the world yesterday. Buckingham Palace announced that the longest-serving royal consort in British history died on Friday. The Prince was hospitalized for a month on 16 February, where he was treated for a pre-existing heart condition and an infection. In fact, he was released after a month.

Certainly, the death of the Duke of Edinburgh is a profound loss for the Queen. He was once described by her as her “strength and stay all these years”. BBC also played the national anthem while announcing the Prince’s death over his photograph dressed in the military dress.

Soon after the announcement, people around the world mourned the Prince’s death. India’s PM Narendra Modi gave his condolences along with various ministers and celebrities all around the world.

41-guns salute marks Prince Philip’s death!

On Saturday evening, late Prince Philip was honored with 41-guns salutes. The guns were fired in the U.K., Commonwealth countries, and at sea, marking Prince Philip’s death. Certainly, the military leaders honored the former naval service, who served in World War II. According to the reports, batteries of cannons fired 41 rounds at the one-minute interval in London, Edinburg, Cardiff, Belfast, and other cities.

The Chief of the U.K. Defense Staff, General Nick Carter, said, “His Royal Highness leaves us with a legacy of indomitable spirit, steadfastness and an unshakeable sense of duty. From all of us who serve today and who have served, thank you.” Other than that, the residents also left flowers outside Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle on Saturday. However, the authorities and the Royal Family had urged people to avoid gathering due to the ongoing pandemic.

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