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Prime Minister of United Kingdom Boris Johnson has been hospitalized

The outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic led to a worldwide lockdown, and everyone is in panic and fear due to this COVID-19 infectious disease. This virus has taken lives of over 70,000 people globally. Amidst this outbreak, there is a report which suggests that the Prime Minister of United Kingdom Boris Johnson has been admitted to a hospital on Sunday for having the COVID-19 tests results positive. Some news sources are claimed that he was suffering from the symptoms of this terrible pandemic, and after ten days, he was diagnosed with Coronavirus.

A British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office also confirmed that admission to an unspecified London hospital came on his place on doctor’s recommendation, and it was not an emergency. And a Downing Street spokesperson stated that it was a “precautionary measure” and Johnson remains in charge of the government.

They further added that The U.K. Prime Minister thanked the workers of NHS [National Health Service] for their outstanding hard work and encouragement to the public to continue following the advice of the government to remain at home, protect the NHS, and save lives.

Some of our news sources also reported that 55-year-old Boris Johnson was quarantined at his residence in Downing St. after being diagnosed with COVID-19 on March 26 (the first confirmed news of the head of government to fall ill with the virus).
Besides this, there are some reports which claim that Johnson did not skip any official meeting, he proceeded to the chair and conducted regular meetings on Britain’s response to this awful outbreak and also published many video messages in isolation during his ten days.

On Friday, The British prime minister Johnson said in a message with red-eyes that he was feeling better but still had a high fever.
The virus causes mild to moderate symptoms in most people, but it can cause pneumonia and lead to death for some, particularly older adults and the infirm.

U.S. President Donald Trump gave Johnson support as he began a briefing on the pandemic Sunday at the White House. All Americans are praying for him,” said Trump.

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