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Pretty Woman, Why it turned into a romantic comedy?

Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman released in the year 1990 is an American romantic and comedy film which is directed by Garry Marshall. The film’s storyline focuses on the down-on-her-luck of a Hollywood prostitute named Vivian Ward. She is owned and hired by a wealthy businessman named Edward Lewis. Lewis hired her to be his escort for various business-related events and some social functions. Then gradually show their developing bond within the course of her staying a long week with him.

The original intention behind the movie was to be a dark yet cautionary story. The story was to state about class and prostitution in Los Angeles. During the initial script, the movie contained controversial themes about the relationship of Vivian and Edward. But anyways the film was re-perceived as a romantic and comedy with a vast set of budget.

What is the storyline of Pretty Woman?

Edward Lewis, who is the central character of the film is high in power corporate raider from New York. His job is to buy and then dismantle the overcoming companies and then selling off its assets for the profitable cause. After a party, Edward accidentally leads himself into Hollywood Boulevard in the city’s escort area. There he comes across a prostitute named Vivian Ward. Lewis for the night then hires Vivian. The very next day, he put forward a deal with Vivian. He wants Vivian to play the role of his girlfriend and in turn, he will give $3,000 to her for 6 long days.

And then the story follows with all the happenings throughout these six days. Vivian and Edward gradually fall in love with each other. This in turn changes the character of Edward. Instead of dismantling, he works together with the company. Vivian seems to have changed her as well as him. And at the end of the movie, they finally reconcile with each other.

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Who was in the movie?

In the movie Pretty Woman, Richard Gere plays the role of Edward Lewis, the central character. He is a very rich aristocrat and a corporate raider from New York. Julia Roberts takes up the character of Vivian Ward, a chirpy yet free-spirited prostitute who Edward owns for six days to be his escort. Jason Alexander in the movie Pretty Woman is Phillip Stuckey, who is Edward’s insensitive and tough lawyer. Héctor Elizondo is playing the role of Barnard Thompson; he is a very soft-hearted hotel manager who helps Vivian.

How was the movie received among the audience?

The budget of the Pretty Woman actually was 14 million. Almost all of the scenes were shot in Los Angeles. The movie became very successful at the box office. It was ranked as the 3rd highest-grossing film of the year 1990. On average, the rating of the movie was around 5.8/10. The movie received quite mixed reviews. On the first day of its release, it was ranked at the top. The movie made huge sales at the box office. Julia Roberts won the award for best actress. The film was also nominated for various other awards.


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