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 Premium Features of Google Meet Are Free For Everyone.

Google reveals in a blog post recently that features of Google Meet are for free for every individual till the end of September.

There are some reports which suggest that the latest Google Meet’s Premium Features can host larger groups. Up to 250 participants per call can be added, and it can also do Live streaming for up to 100,000 viewers within a domain. Apart from this, Google Meet’s Premium feature also includes the option to record meetings which are held and then can be saved to Google Drive. 

Google Meet’s Premium Features is very helpful for those users who wish to have a reliable video conferencing solution. One can have a secure video conferencing by using this amazing feature. As coronavirus has led to the nationwide lockdown, millions of people are doing work from home to stay protected from the COVID-19. Henceforth, this feature is and will benefit all the companies n institutions.

We have observed that people are taking full interest in Google Meet. We have heard that Zoom is having some privacy issues, and due to it, a lot of criticism is experienced by them. To name a few Microsoft has revamped Skype Meet Now, Microsoft Teams and Signal.

It is a fact that new users are joining Google Meet every day. The data shows approximately 2 million. General Manager and VP Javier Soltero at Google said in a statement “Earlier this week, we surpassed a new milestone, with more than 2 million new users connecting on Google Meet every day, and they’re spending over 2 billion minutes together— that’s more than 3,800 years of secure meetings in a single day. We’re humbled by the huge responsibility that comes with this growth, and we’re determined to continue doing our part to help,”.

Google made these premium features available to customers of G Suite and G Suite for Education in the month of March, and now they are expanding this to all companies, organizations, institutions and educators.

There is also a report which suggests that Google is going to change the name from Google Hangouts Meet to Google Meet.

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