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Pray for Australia: Will Victoria be able to revive ? What’s the fate?

How far can Daniel Andrews’s government be relied upon? How far it cab curb the pandemic keeping in mind the convenience of the masses? Here are all the details.

As per information, Victoria had 725 infections on the 5th of August. That’s the highest number of infections Australia has ever witnessed.

On Wednesday, Victoria record­ed two new cases after two days of zero cases.while the world picture is different. Britain is getting 20,000 new cases daily. When Victoria is easing the restrictions, Britain is going back into lockdown. Wales has just announced a 17-day lockdown. Scotland is imposing new restrictions. The US also faces similar problems with surging cases, hospitalizations, and deaths altogether. In fact, a recent study reveals that the northern hemisphere will confront extremely difficult situations with a higher number of cases and a lack of any cure or vaccine.

Critics have critical about the performance of the Andrew government, especially when compared with other states. Their performance is also gauged by letting the virus escape through chronic­ally amateurish mismanagement of hotel quarantine and then having­ a grossly inadequate track, trace, and isolate system to contain the virus once it got out. The picture presents a case of a lack of responsibility and accountability on the part of the authority.

Within Australia, those states which locked down most effectively and basically eliminated the virus have done best economically. They have kept their borders shut, and that’s damaging, but within their own economies, they can run as near to normal as possible.

A Bank of England economist points out that countries that didn’t lock down but suffered a big wave of infections also suffered about the same economic damage as those countries which did lockdown.

The biggest question is what is the way forward? Will, there be easing of restrictions and masses can come back to the normal lifestyle? The power lies in prayers. Let’s pray for victoria!

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