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Potions in Mincrafts, What are the potions and their work?

Minecraft is a video game originated by Markus Persson. It is a sandbox game which was developed by Mojang Studios. Minecraft is the best-selling game and by 2020 is having 126 million users on a monthly basis. It is both a single-player as well as multiplayer mode game. The greatest video game of all time is Minecraft. The gameplay is the players are to explore the 3D world with infinite terrain. In the process of discovering, extracting, and building on earthworks.

What are Potions in Minecraft?

Potions are the bottled up substances found in the game. Most of the potions are brewable. Many of these options give the player a limited time effect when they drink it. These can be used by pressing and holding the use, just as eating food. When used, they apply the given status effect to the player.

The base item that is needed to create potions is a Water bottle. This water bottle is gained by using a glass bottle on water, or by catching this with a fishing rod.

What are the types of potions?

There are many types of options available in the game. Some basic potions are as follows:

  • Potion of regeneration
  • Swiftness potion
  • Potion of fire resistance
  • Healing Potion
  • The Potion of night vision
  • Potion of strength
  • The Potion to leap
  • Potion for water breathing
  • The Potion of invisibility
  • Potion for slow falling
  • Potion of luck

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How are these items obtained in the game?

  • Fishing – Water bottles may be obtained as junk while fishing.
  • By filling bottles – Potions can be getting when a glass bottle is used on water source block or that of a cauldron containing water transform it into a water bottle. Similarly by using a glass bottle on a cauldron that has a potion in it turns it into a bottle of that particular potion.‌
  • Witches – They can also release potions such as of healing, fire resistance, swiftness, and also water breathing. But this is applicable when witches die while drinking that particular potion.
  • Wandering traders – These wandering traders have the opportunity to drop only potions of invisibility. Again with the same condition, only when they die while drinking this potion.
  • Brewing – This is another way of obtaining a potion. The potion of luck and decay cannot be brewed. Nonetheless almost all other options you can get by brewing.
  • Natural generation – In certain spaces of the game, you will find pre-placed potions. Some random potions are also available in such a way.

How do the potions work as modifiers?

The modification of the potion can be done in five ways. The first way is by adding glowstone dust to enrich the effect level. The second way is by adding the Redstone for the extension of the duration of the effect. The third way is by adding the gunpowder to turn a potion into a splash potion. The fourth one is done by adding a dragon’s breath to transform a splash potion into a lingering potion. The fifth one is by adding a fermented spider eye to disrupt the effect. The outcome of a corruption is usually the opposite of the effect that was original (for example Swiftness turns to Slowness).

There are some potions that cannot be enriched. Like the Potion of Invisibility is not able to enhance because players cannot be more invisible than what normally they are.

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