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Possession or Murder? What’s the story behind ‘The Conjuring 3


One of the most controversial chapters in the life of the Warrens

The “Conjuring” universe is now a real guarantee of success and has recently made the box office ring with offshoots such as ” The Nun ” ( 366 million US dollars worldwide ) and ” Annabelle 3 ” ( 230 million US dollars ). In 2020 we will go back to the original series with a focus on the specialists in paranormal phenomena, the married couple Ed ( Patrick Wilson ) and Lorraine ( Vera Farmiga ) Warren.
In contrast to the previous films, the Warrens are not drawn to another haunted house in The Conjuring 3, but to court. It is one of the most controversial chapters in the life of the Warrens. The charge is murder, but the accused claims not to be able to remember what happened and to be demon-possessed. He took control of his body and committed the act.

The most awaited saga of the year

One of the most anticipated sagas this year was undoubtedly that of the couple formed by the demonologists, Ed and Lorraine Warren with the premiere of the tape ‘The Conjuring 3‘, which due to the coronavirus re-released its premiere for 2021; however, director James Wan himself reassured fans by revealing that this instalment will address “a line that has never been explored before in the universe of The Conjuring.”

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When will The Conjuring 3 hit the screens?

It was Warner Studios who confirmed that the film will hit theatres in June 2021, so as a way to compensate the fans they decided to share an extensive behind-the-scenes video of the previous tapes, with comments from the protagonists and some witnesses. of the events narrated in the two previous parts.

With the delivery of Expediente Warren, “The devil made me do it”, the name that this last instalment will bear, Wan, who this time serves as producer, explained that they seek to enter a different terrain from that shown in the first two instalments: ” I wanted to get away from the haunted house concept of the previous two films.

What can be expected from The Conjuring 3?

In Conjuring 3, Ed and Lorraine Warren will not enter a haunted house, or a cursed church, they must investigate the events that occurred after a brutal murder, in which they will gradually seek to discern if in this case there was a demonic entity behind them. the bloody deeds.

In a nutshell

The story that will be seen on the screens is inspired by real events, specifically the case of Arne Cheyenne Johnson, a man who was sentenced to 20 years for the first-degree murder of Alan Bono. The murderer argued in his defence that the murder happened because he was possessed by the devil. According to statements from the Glatzel family, neighbours of the building, their 11-year-old son was the first guest of this malignant entity.

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