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Pop Smoke’s Appalling Death Mystery Out, Murderers to Face Juvenile and Death Penalty

Pop Smoke

The rapper, singer, and all-time favorite of Americans, Bashar Barakah Jackson who was popular with the name Pop Smoke has been murdered. He was into hip hop and drill. Besides being an astounding rapper he was also a staggering songwriter but his singing career could not bloom much while death awaited him shortly after two years of his active singing & rapping phase.

Pop’s Rise to fame: his bewildering journey

when the song “Welcome to the party” was released in the April of 2019, Pop Smoke instantly became the loving figure. As for those who have yet not heard the entertainment piece must not lose on to it. It was then he signed the recording contract with CVictor Victor worldwide and Republic records.

The Home Invasion that led to the Tragedy:

Pop having received some gifts from the loved ones after his mixtape hit #7  flaunted it on social media where his address was clearly seen.  That’s when the tragedy started constructing its root. Pop organized a party at his Hollywood Hills house, people inside the house did not turn the house alarm on which was also one of the causes that Pop could not be saved. Around 4:30 A.M. four masked men entered the house and killed Pop on the spot. They shot pop multiple times.

Murderers get Caught: 2 to face Capital Punishment:

A total of 4 masked men was seen entering pop Smoke’s house who shot him multiple times. Out of those 4, 2 are recognized as teens while the other two are men. Corey Walker, 19, Keandre Rodgers, 18 respectively are charged with the death penalty whereas the other 2 (names not revealed ) are sent to juvenile as they are 15 and 17 respectively.

Although Pop was carried to the local hospital immediately, he could not be saved. We can only pray for him to rest in peace. From being a gun holder in school to an amazing basketball player, and then turning to confound singer, Pop had an amazing journey. Singers such as Nicki Minaj posted her condolences. Although Pop was just 20 and immensely famous when he died, he could have risen to more fame if had been alive.



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