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Pokemon Sword and Shield anime: Will the remaining episodes of the sequel stream or suspended?

The pokemon company has ultimately confirmed that the sword and shield arc will be out by soon with episode 41 on the series which will be airing on October 23rd 2020. The remaining episodes are expected to fall by soon but according to the situation, we think that it may take some time to air the rest of pokemon Sword and shield series. The Pokemon production has published the first teaser of the upcoming Pokemon sword and shield in the Pokemon anime series. 

What do you see in pokemon sword and shield series?

The pokemon journeys anime began airing in Japan in November 2019, following the release of pokemon sword and shield on the Nintendo switch and later released worldwide on Netflix on June 12th 2020.

The plot continues as the rampage is being caused by an organisation scheming behind the scenes to recreate the ‘black night’; a great catastrophe that befell the galar region a long time ago. Once all the mysteries have solved the revival of this great catastrophe will roar out across the land as it seems though the entire Galar region is being thrown in a whirlwind of chaos and the two legendary heroes awaken from their slumber.

The pokemon production released a new teaser which titled as “sword and shield I, The Slumbering Weald” and released on their official Twitter account. In this season two new characters have been introduced such as Zacian and Zamazenta who will be joining Ash and Goh on their journey. This season of anime revolves around the experience of Ash and the new lead Goh as they both visit all the eight provinces of the pokemon franchise, including the new Galar region from the pokemon sword and shield.

What’s so new about this season in the pokemon franchise?

The plot is about Satoshi, is a 10-year-old boy who aims to be the strongest in the pokemon battle, and the boy who has the dream of getting all Pokemon. Together with Satoshi’s partner Pikachu and Go’s partner Hibani, many other Pokemons are now in the adventure of an unlimited Pokemon world.

The beginning life of pokemon as the main lead has been revealed in the season sword and shield arc, the plot turned out to be unpredictable as the pokemon keep on travelling from one place to another. The chemistry between Ash and Go is appreciated. The two acts as a good balance whereas Go isn’t a happy go lucky person and Ash is stubborn. The plot is getting even more competitive day by day production on the series Pokemon.

List of character who voiced in the English:

Ash Ketchum voiced by Veronica Taylor 

Misty as Rachael Lillis and Michele Knotz

Brock as Eric Stuart

Tracey Sketchit as Ted Lewis 

May as Veronica Taylor and Michele Knotz

Max as Amy Birnbaum

Dawn voiced by Emily Bauer.

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