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Pokemon Go: What are Regional Pokemons?

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality mobile game developed and published by Niantic. It was released in the year 2016, and ever since then, it’s a huge hit among the players. The game uses a mobile’s GPS to locate, capture, or train the Pokémon which appear as if they are for real.

Regions are the areas in Pokèmon Go Universe which are the small parts of a nation with a Pokèmon Professor of their own, who teach the unique set of starters Pokèmon to the young trainers. There are various regions inside one region, and they are basically known as regional Elite Four with a unique set of eight Gym Leaders at each and every region.

With the new addition to the generation of Pokèmon Go, in Gen 5 a new set of unique regional Pokèmons are introduced which are

Panpour, Durant, HeatmorPansear, and Panmage, together they are contributing to the long list of Pokèmons at different hemispheres, geographical locations, and continents.

Pokèmon Go

How do Regional Pokèmons work in Pokèmon Go?

They are special characters only available in particular spots or continents. If you travel a lot or if you’re friends on the other side of the world then, it might be possible for you to explore the regional Pokèmons, if not then you’ve to be patient for them to be available on your shore.

The Regional Pokèmons are available as eggs as well, they can be found in the wilds. Each generation of Pokèmon Go has different and large characters that you can only find in specific areas and continents. The specific countries are such USA, Europe, Africa, and others.

List of Regional Pokèmons in different continents

In Africa


In Asia

FarfetchedCorsolaTorkoalVolbeatShellosChatotBasculin, Durant.

In Australia

CorsolaVolbeatShellosSorlockSawkPansageBasculin, Durant.

In New Zealand

ChatotRelicanthShellosVolbeatSawk, Durant, SorlockBasculin.

In Europe

Mr. Mime, ZangooseTropius, Mime Jr., Sawk, Durant, Basculin

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