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Pokémon Go: The ways to earn Items!

Pokemon Go players cast their votes in August. This helps to determine the featured Pokemon for both September and October community day. Porygon the first winner gets featured in the Spotlight event in the September event. This also offers a player’s a chance for a new shiny and powerful Pokemon with two impressive evolutions. Obtaining those evolutions are a little more tricky.

Porygon requires the right Candy to trigger evolutions. For the evolution process to happen some Pokemon require special items. Both Porygon evolutions 2 and Z fall in the same category. In Pokemon Go, evolution items are a little tricky to come. Few events surrounding Community Day reduces the barrier to get evolution items. The players should plan carefully.

For the evolution of Porygon to Porygon 2 players need to use 25 Candy and an Upgrade. For the evolution of Porygon 2 to Porygon Z players need 100 candies and a Sinnoh Stone.

The ways to earn Pokemon Go Items –

  • There is a Mega Battle Challenge event kicks off in September. The player who completes the Timed Research tasks gets a Sinnoh Stone and upgrade as a reward.
  • Community Day Timed Research tasks will offer multiple Upgrades and Sinnoh Stones which could be used during the event. On the main, Community Day players can earn up to three Sinnoh Stone and three upgrades.
  • On Community Day there is a $1 event decoding Porygon players can also earn Sinnoh Stone and upgrade.
  • On Special Research event decoding Porygon players can also earn Sinnoh Stone and upgrade.

Brief details about Pokemon Go –

Pokemon Go is a game that uses a player’s phone GPS and clock. This helps to detect where and when the players are in the game and make Pokemon around. The player can go and catch them. As the players move around more and different types of Pokemon will come. It will depend upon where the players are and what is the time. This is to encourage the players to travel around the real world to catch Pokémon in the game.




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