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Pokemon Egg: Shadow Mewtwo and Strange Eggs coming to Pokemon Go soon

Pokemon Go reveals the plans for Shadow Mewtwo Special Research and Strange Egg items at the Go Fest 2020 event. A new Team Rocket-themed Special Research is also being planned, which will pave the way for the Shadow Mewtwo encounter.

The dataminers have collected some resourceful information about the Strange Eggs. “Here More recently, Spark discovered that Team GO Rocket may be hatching a plot involving Pokémon Eggs! Is Arlo involved in this, too?” This suggests that Pokemon Strange Eggs will be introduced soon.

What can the players expect from the upcoming Shadow Mewtwo?

Strange eggs are in development, (which was earlier known as Shadow Eggs). Pokemon Go’s Shadow Mewtwo Research has an interesting name. It is called as “An Inter- egg-sting Development”.

This special research has a total of six-steps. It is designed in order to guide the Pokemon Go Players about what is Strange Eggs and how will it redesign the ethics of this wildly popular game.

The Rocket Leaders are apparently going to drop the Strange Eggs. This will give the Pokemon Go players a chance to once again battle with Team Rocket. The player will hatch the egg like they had done previously. That is, they will put the eggs in an incubator and will have to walk some distance.

The stark difference from normal eggs is that the Strange Eggs will hatch the Pokemon that are like Poison and Dark.

When will Niantic introduce the Strange Eggs in Pokemon Go?

As of now, Niantic has not officially introduced the Shadow Mewtwo feature or updated it to hatch Strange Eggs in their game. This is a possibility which is rumored and that the development team will introduce it sooner or later.

As per the dataminers reports, if the Shadow Mewtwo Special Research and Strange Eggs will come to Pokemon GO, it might make its debut soon. Pokemon GO is expected to kick start its annual Halloween event in October. As soon as this wraps up, Strange Eggs might make its debut in November, but this is just a spectaculation. We will have to wait a bit longer to get the official information.

You can play Pokemon Go in the selected regions on your iOS and Android mobile devices.


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