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What is a Plumb Bob? What is the use of it?

What can a Plumb Bob be?

The plumb line applies the law of gravity to discover what the plumb is. Neither of us need have to be a physics genius to understand that a string dangled with a weight at the bottom will be both perpendicular and vertical to a level plane through which it reaches. Simply, the plumb line is the vertical equivalent of the level line.

I wonder that will you be surprised to discover that this tool, too, has ancient origins. A proof that suggests – Egyptian architects worked with those to build verticals in constructing the pyramids.

How to Use Plumb Bob?

To use this plumb bob, the string has to be fixed at the point where it has to be plumbed. The bob, or weight, is allowed then to swing easily; when it halts, the point of the bob is exactly below the point where the string is fixed.
The tool is quite beneficial in building vertical for a doorjamb when hanging a door or wall in construction. Any spirit level also can accomplish these tasks, but a few jobs are much more efficiently done using this tool.

For instance, we can locate fixtures or surfaces above (or below) or decorations about an object using the plumb bob. Once it is hung the bottom and top points can be traced and used as guides. In one place, the plumb bob can be used to sight an object in some other pipe, for example; for plumb.


Surveyors use plumb bobs sometimes for transferring points or lining them up. Foundation and Excavation contractors mostly rely upon the plumb bob and building a chimney the tool will be indicating whether a flue is veering off plumb or running true vertical.

Some plumb lines have sharpened tips that can be bent by repeated use; if the point on yours is out of alignment or either bent, then replace it.
It may weigh as much as several pounds or as little as an ounce, totally depending upon the utilization. For most of the home toolboxes, we recommend you to have a single bob that weighs some ounces. As is so frequently the case, it is not about how fancy the tool is, but about how well we use it.

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