PewDiePie Net Worth, How he worth in 2020? For what he is famous?

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is popularly known as PewDiePie – a Swedish comedian, YouTuber, and philanthropist, known originally for his Let’s Play videos and comic formatted shows. Felix was born on the 24th of October 1989, in Gothenburg, Sweden, the place from where he was also raised.

How was his Childhood?

Throughout his childhood, Felix was interested in art and has detailed that he would draw popular video game characters such as Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog and play video games on his Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Nearly six months ago we profiled The Top 25 YouTube Influencers who have established Personal Empires. Resting atop that list, by some considerable margin was PewDiePie – aka Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. 2017 year was a lot of troubling year for PewDiePie.

He never seemed to be far away from a dispute or being accused of provoking somebody. Being in the limelight affected his popularity to some extent. His channel shed 2M subscribers before jumping back to its current 105M subscribers.

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But while a short-term loss of 2M subscribers may have worried a more mortal YouTuber. PewDiePie is strange to have lost some sleep. He must be happy at the moment with the consideration of moving on from his controversies to those of Logan Poole. With a colossal fan base and a YouTube channel in its eighth year, PewDiePie is possibly to be in a healthy financial position.

Estimates of PewDiePie ’s Net Worth

The one and the only person who knows PewDiePie’s net worth is Arvid, himself. Nevertheless, there have been many attempts made to estimate it over the previous few years.

His income rose each year from 2010 until 2016, by which time Forbes estimated he was YouTube’s highest earner, taking in $15M that year.

Online surveys of his net worth may vary. This should be no surprise as they are only estimations. While people have found it simple to predict his income, it is more difficult to know how much he has spent over the years. As of 2020, PewDiePie’s net worth is estimated to be $30-$50M.

As of 2020, The exact net worth is 45 million dollars making him the richest Youtuber in the world.