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Peter North: Net Worth and Short Bio

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Peter North, born Alden Joseph Brown, is a Canadian-American pornstar that has appeared in 2,588 movies and has directed 13. He was born on May 11, 1957, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and is currently 63 years old. He is 5’10” and is married to Nadia North.


North was “discovered” while modeling for athletic wear at a private party in LA in 1980. An unnamed man from the adult film industry approached North, being fascinated by his physique, and talked business.

North’s career in the porn industry began in 1983, where he initially performed under the name Matt Ramsey. He initially performed in videos under the Gay Pornography category before switching to Straight videos.

North’s career was at its peak between 1998 and 2007, during which he performed in over 2000 movies, directed around 70, and even produced 15, most notably in the North Pole and Anal Addicts series. He launched his own production company in 2001, and named it Northpole Entertainment after his stage name. The reason he chose this name was stated by him to be “Your penis is also referred to as your Peter and when you are erect, it faces North. Plus, I am from the North.”

He was under investigation by the US Government in 1986 regarding Traci Lord’s underage involvement in pornographic movies, some of which North had also performed in. North claimed he did not realize she was underage and the government eventually dropped the investigation.

In 1994, North published his own book, Penetrating Insights, which supposedly helps men meet and bed pretty women.

He is quite the popular pornstar and is a member of the X-Rated Critics Organization (XCRO) and the Adult Video News (AVN) Hall of Fame.

He was featured in Thinking XXX, a book and film project by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders in 2004. The film was made for HBO

Personal Life

Peter married his wife Nadia North in the summer of 2014. He has even made several pornographic films with her.

Their marriage seems to be under duress right now since in 2019 Nadia was granted a restraining order against Peter, under allegations of domestic violence.

Net Worth

With a long and successful career bringing him fame and wealth, Peter North’s current net worth is estimated at $11 million.

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