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Person of Interest Season 6, Who is the cast and charaters of season 6?

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Person of Interest Season 6: With the heroic death of John Reece, the season concluded and CBS officially canceled the show. The fans are still expecting for a spin-off or even a miracle to happen which will save Reece and the show to continue.

It is an American science- fiction crime drama. It was premiered on CBS. The first season was aired on September 22, 2011. The creator of the show is Jonathan Nolan. The original language is English. It has released 5 seasons with 103 episodes so far. The show had much positive feedback and won several awards. The last season premiered on June 21, 2016.

Plot of Person of Interest Season 6

The series centers a billionaire computer programmer who develops “The Machine” which can track all terrorist activities and the people planning them. However, the federal government declines his offer. Feeling insulted, he includes a backdoor for his machine and decides to covertly work towards preventing crimes from happening.

Although he has access to everyone, it was difficult to figure out who is actually guilty. For this, he hires a former CIA agent known as John Reece who was presumed dead. However, he uses illegal means to finish his tasks. The government tries to track him down but they only know him as “the man in the suit”. Finch has a past that makes him wanted a Cyber hacker. Later when The government becomes aware of his activities and tries to stop him because after all a machine acting like God is dangerous to humanity.

Person of Interest Cast and characters

The main cast includes Jim Caviezel as John Reese, Michael Emerson as Harold Finch, Amy Acker as Root, Kevin Chapman as Fusco.

Person of Interest Season 6

Another season of the person of interest is canceled. Moreover, the last season ended with the death of John Reese in an attempt to save his partner. According to fans, the show should not have ended in such a manner, and are expecting a spin-off or a comeback.


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