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Peloton Rower: Will Peleton release a cheaper treadmill in 2020?

Peloton is coming up with its latest release to make a solid stand in the competitive industry of gym equipment. A rower is exercising equipment for people to have in a home gym.

As the Peloton users are looking to complement their leg workout that is facilitated by bikes and treadmill, rowers seem like the best choice. Rowers essentially help to get around out for the full body workouts of fitness enthusiasts. And this has created a high demand for Peloton Rowing Machine.

Peloton is an American exercise equipment and media company that had laid its foundation in 2012 in New York. With the help of monthly subscriptions, users can hire stationary bicycle and treadmill that will enable them to remotely join classes from the fitness studios.

As the company is now working on its third rower equipment, it will help to activate 86% of the muscles of the body. For broadcasting live practices, Peleton is now seeking to include 20 Peleton rowers in its exclusive studios.

The most anticipated news is whether the Peleton company will release a cost-effective treadmill. It is in the news that Peleton is currently working on it. A new touch screen tablet will be used as a feature for a rower or lower cost treadmill by Peleton.

When is it going to launch?

It is expected to release sometime it 2020. While the price is still not announced, owing to the industry trends, it is estimated to be around $1000.

It was speculated that the latest rower would release in the 2020 CES, but it skipped past the release date and as of now, no particular information is available about when it would make its release. No further details about the rower or its interoperability with the Peloton App are released as of now.

Development of Peleton Rowing Machine

Recently, Hydrow had built a rowing machine with a similar interface where the user will be able to easily follow up with the driver. The Hydrow machine is as expensive as $2,245, but it has a six-year warranty and the company has been improving the software constantly for improving the facilities for the users.

Peloton is one of the biggest names with Hydow and Echelon giving it a cutting edge competition.

The peloton had officially announced the new lower-cost version of the Peloton treadmill on September 8, 2020. It will now be called “Peloton Tread”. It will take some time before the Tread will be publicly available for purchase or shipping.


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