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Park Min-Young: Is Park Min-Young dating Lee Min-ho?

Park Min-Young

Park Min-young accepted that earlier she used to consider herself ugly. Well all of us feel this at one point in our life. She was just like us only and now she’s one of the most loved actresses. To know whom she dated, what’s her beauty regime, her net worth, and much more. Continue reading.

Park Min-young Early Life:

Park Min-young was born in Seoul on March 4, 1986. She is a girl from a Korean household which is simple and traditional. She also adds that when she was a kid her family went on with their individual lives. Her life was uneventful at that time. Park Min-young Was interested in acting and films since childhood. Her interest took her for the rest of her teenage life.

She is 34 years old right now. (According to 4 March 1986). Park accepted that earlier she used to consider herself ugly. She never felt beautiful before or in the times of elementary schooling.

Her dream was to look flawless as she wanted to become an actress.

Do Park Min Young know how to read and write English?:

In her High School,  Park Min Young was in an exchange program from her school. She headed overseas for conferences and exchange programs. So she learned English. Those who follow her on Instagram or have seen her account must know that she is famous for her English name, Rachel also. Her net worth according to the year 2020 is 1 million dollars.

Check out her Instagram account:


Do Park Min Young was into depression:

Park Min-young went into depression as she wanted to act in films. She never felt beautiful. Later her mother realized her concern and asked her about plastic surgery.

Park says that she had a crooked nose and weird eyelids which got fixed through plastic surgery.

Education and Occupation:

Park Min Young has done her graduation from Dongguk University, which is in Seoul. She graduated in February 2013. Park has a degree in Theatre. As per her occupation Park, Min-Young is an Actress, ModelMC, and host.

Is Park Min-Young dating Lee Min-ho:

Yes, the rumors were true. As we all know, Park Min-young and Lee Min-ho were dating each other. It’s said that in City Hunter when they both were starred. But unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last long. After Lee Min-ho, Park Min-young has not dated anyone. There’s no news about her having any lover or any relationship. She is more in her career.

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