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Papa Murphy’s Pizza will celebrate its 25th Anniversary in December 2020!


Cheer up guys! Your all time favorite Papa Murphy’s Pizza is turning 25 this year. Feeling old yet? According to the owners Diana and Madura, the chain will celebrate its silver jubilee on 8 December in Missouri City. Hence, on the occasion of its 25th birthday, today we’ll inform you about Papa Murphy’s Pizza. Check out the facts ahead!

What is Papa Murphy’s Pizza?

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Papa Murphy’s is a well known pizza company. To say precisely, Papa Murphy’s is a take-and-bake pizza company, headquartered in Vancouver, Washington. As the headline says, this famous pizza company completes 25 years in 2020. Certainly, Papa Murphy’s began in 1995. Moreover, it is the result of Papa Aldo’s Pizza and Murphy’s Pizza coming together. Otherwise, both the companies were found in 1981 and 1984 respectively.

Papa Murphy’s Operations

Papa Murphy’s began as a merger, but today, the company has spread all around the US and Canada. Certainly, the pizza company and its franchises operate in more than 1300 outlets. Above all, Papa Murphy’s is recorded to be the fifth largest pizza chain in the United States. In 2011, Forbes magazine also ranked Pizza Murphy’s at fifth position in the list of top 20 restaurant franchises to buy. Apparently, Pizza Murphy’s is recorded to earn $800 million worth revenue!

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Moreover, Papa Murphy’s provides walk-in, online order as well as call-in. In fact, some of the stores have a drive-thru window to place and pick orders from. Above all, Papa Murphy’s Pizzas are not similar to regular pizza. Here, the pizzas are made in store, but the customers bake it at home. Hence it is a “take-and-bake” pizza company. Besides, Papa Murphy’s also offers cheesy bread, salads, chocolate chip cookie dough, soft drinks etc.

History of Papa Murphy’s

As mentioned above, Papa Murphy’s is a result of merging two different companies. Hence, the history of Papa Murphy’s traces back to 1981. That year, Papa Aldo’s Pizza was founded in Oregon. On the other hand, Murphy’s Pizza started operating in 1984. Later, both the chains were acquired by Terry Collins. He then came up with Papa Murphy’s in 1985.

papa aldo's pizza
Source: Oregon Historical Society Research Library

After a few years, the company was voted “Best Pizza Chain in America”. Subsequently, it merged with PMI Holdings Inc. in 2004. Years later, Papa Murphy’s was sold out to Lee Equity Partners in New York. It was then added to the Nasdaq Stock Market in 2014. However, the company faced a loss in 2016, but also announced its first national ad campaign in 2017. In the upcoming years, the company struggled between profits and losses. Hence Papa Murphy’s was taken over by Canadian conglomerate. Subsequently, it was removed from Nasdaq. Currently, it’s under MTY Food Group.

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