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Panem: The fictional nation of The hunger games!

A series of films that comprises of science fiction dystopian genre is the hunger games. It has a part called The Hunger Games universe. This is the fictional or not the real world which works as the setting for the film series The Hunger Games. The series is a trilogy of some young-adult dystopian novels that are written by the American based author Suzanne Collins. The movie series made is the adaptation of these novels.

The setting of the film series takes place in the fictional nation named Panem. The nation Panem at a not specified time period in the future time has replaced the place of nations of North America of 21st century. This then follows a list of ecological disasters and a war full of devastation that takes to the creation of thirteen new districts.

What is Panem?

The Panem geographically is smaller than today’s North America. The word panem comes from the Latin word which is for bread. The country’s name is derived again from the Latin phrase ‘panem et circenses’ which means ‘bread and circuses’. It has of a capital city which is called the Capitol. Panem is located in Rocky Mountains. It is now surrounded by 12 numbered Districts and then a 13th district which is destroyed before the novels setting.

Who are the peacekeepers of Panem?

The Peacekeepers of the nation Panem are the military personnels, internal security and law enforcing organization. The peacekeepers wear black colour trimmed white uniforms containing a police helmet, a standing collar, length up to waist tunic, and their trousers tucked into high black boots. While in the Capitol, they wear more formal attire. This new uniform is almost of the same basic design, added with a black sash and a beret that has gold Capitol seal. They are to maintain the orders and suppress all dissidence through strict actions and brutality. They are led in every region by Head Peacekeeper of the district.

What are the 13 districts of Panem?

  • District I- this is the luxury district which provides the basic luxury items such as jewelleries.
  • District II- it is the masonary and defence district. It manufactures weapons and in charge of stone culting.
  • The District III- it specializes in electronics and technology and the habitants work in factories.
  • District IV- the coastal district which is for the fisheries and aquatic works.
  • In District V- this district provides the nation with electricity and electrical power.
  • The District VI is the hub of the transport network of the country.
  • District VII,here in this district the specialization is of forestry and lumber.
  •  The VIII District includes the textiles and the place where the peacekeepers make their uniforms.
  • This District IX gives Panem the grains and rice. It provides the means of livelihood.
  • District X is to keep cattle and raise them. The district is for livestock.
  •  XI District which is geographically in south, a large area which is meant for only agriculture.
  • District XII, this district is the region for coal mining.
  • District XIII is the Panem’s military work is done here. The weapons and nuclear technology I developed in this district.



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