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Ozark Season 4: Release Date and What To Expect

Ozark Season 3 has got viewers absolutely hooked on the show.

It’s that time of the year again when Netflix is delivering one hit after another. With one of their original dramas, Ozark topping the charts again, the fans can’t help but wonder if there is a fourth season in the making? Yes, indeed it is.

When the third season arrived recently, it consisted of 10 intense and gripping episodes. While Netflix has not officially made any announcements regarding the upcoming season, the success that the third season ended up garnering is enough for us to conclude that there will, indeed, be a fourth season. On the basis of how things ended in the third season, one can’t help but wonder what lies for us in the upcoming instalment?

Ozark Season 3 – A Quick Recap

As fans might already know, the series follows the lives of the Byrde family. Actor Jason Bateman is playing the role of Marty. Interestingly, he is also an executive producer of the show. If reports are believed to be true, he has even helped in directing some of the episodes. Along with Marty, we have Wendy, played by actress, Laura Linney. The family is completed with two more characters, i.e. their young children, Charlotte and Jonah played by Sofia Hublitz and Skylar Gaertner respectively. They seem to be on their quest to establish the most profitable criminal enterprise in the region of Missouri. This reverse universe is the kind that underlays the theme of Breaking Bad. We have a bunch of modest criminals who are not causing a lot of graphical damage in the society, however, are just as deadly, if provoked.

Along the way, Marty ends up changing his tunes. We are able to see a change of heart when it comes to Marty and his attempts of extracting his family from the complex crime web that he successfully built. The complexity involves several deadly Mexican cartels and things get interesting then on.

Ozark Season 4 – What To Expect

While the third season saw many of us getting deeper and darker with the Byrders, it seems like things are going to get intense with the upcoming season. We have the FBI in the picture, who will be getting involved in ensuring that they are caught. We have new characters to look forward to and the older ones will be expected to cause more problems. For example, we have Ruth and Darlene who will be playing an active role along the way.

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