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Ouran Highschool host club 2: Will there be another sequence?

Ouran highschool host club season 2 is anticipated to be out by at least this year 2020, but due to the current circumstance, we can predict the release of season 2 by late 2021 or maybe in the start of 2021.

It has been 12 years since the first release of Ouran Highschool host club which earned one of the highest demand anime series by fans for the second sequence.

Ouran highschool host club is a Japanese manga series which is written and illustrated by Bisco Hatori. The series is based on the genre rom-com, which ran in 2006 contains 26 episodes with 20 minutes duration in each episode.

Ouran highschool host club set in Bunkyo, Tokyo built for those students whose family background is rich and sophisticated. A young scholarship girl Haruhi Fujioka, a student at Ouran highschool. One day she stumbles upon an abandoned music room 3 of the school; where the Ouran academy host club, a group of 6 male students entertain females while serving them with sweets and tea.

At the first meeting in the room, Haruhi accidentally crashes an expensive vase which cost at $80000 and to fulfil the debt; she works for the club’s errand boy. Her impression is taken as a male student mistakenly, where she has short hair, slouching attire and is gender-ambiguous. After the students realize her identity; while observing her hosting towards female clients by fascinating them, promotes her to the full host status.

The series earned great critics from the audience and also gave rise to the production on working in more industry while producing anime, novel released in 2007, film- Ouran highschool host club and also a live-action film made on this plot.

Why does it take really long for the next sequel on Ouran highschool host club?

In March 2016; the creator of the anime announced the working of the second season, even the series English voice actor Todd Haberkorn posted a video regarding the second season of Ouran highschool host club as the team asked him to start the work on the production soon.

There is plenty of source material for the studio and producers to adapt into an anime, but the officials have not taken any further action on the renewal of the show.

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What do we expect if there is a sequel on Ouran highschool host club and when we have the chance to see?

As the first season is all about the life of students in the first year of schooling, so most probably that the second part may cover the second year of Ouran academy. In the first season; Kuze talks about a field trip to France that will take place in the second year of the academy.

We could also expect the plot of Tamaki and Hikaru relationships in this season.

Who voiced the characters?

Maaya Sakamoto as Haruhi Fujioka

Mamoru Miyano as Tamaki Suoh

Kenichi Suzumura as Hitachi Hikaru 

Masaya MatsuKaze and Kyoya Kotori are voiced for Japanese anime.



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