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Our Planet Season 2: Release date and everything you need to know

Our Planet

What can we expect from Netflix original for Our Planet season 2? It’s a nature documentary series created by Silverback films and narrated by David Attenborough. It’s the most fantastic documentary on Netflix to date; the series has got so attached to the people who have watched it. It shows the impact of the climate change over nature and all the difficulties the animals had to face throughout their life and this series Our Planet is never afraid to show the real-life and problems of the animals. The trailer of Our Planet season 1 released in March 2019 and premiered on 5 April 2019.

To capture the best footage of the wildlife and their life, David Attenborough and his team have to travel all over the world from the dense forests of Africa to the tundra of Antarctica and also the plains of the Savannah.

The making of the Our Planet took four years to be fully completed; it also established a new corner for the documentary series. Steve Price, the incredible composer who has already worked for movies like Gravity and Suicide Squad, composed music for this documentary series Our Planet. The legendary David Attenborough made Our Planet so beautiful just by his narration, and other beautiful parts of this documentary series are its 4K presentation and the shoots in almost sixty countries.

This Netflix original documentary, Our Planet, has a very impactful message for the viewers. Usually, nature documentary does not provide any further details about future renewals. Hopefully, there is a chance for Our Planet season 2.

Is there any chance of renewal of Our Planet season 2?

There is no expectation for the release of Our Planet season 2 for at least a couple of months. Netflix would have to wait to compile all the details on the number of viewers watching the documentary series.

The silverback Films produces documentary series for the BBC too. Netflix has to compete with BBC so that it can get the license for the show and funding the production also. The budget for this series is huge, and it could take years for the production; it will be a big commitment for Netflix to produce another season of the Our Planet documentary series.

Do people want to see another season of Our Planet?

As much long David Attenborough keeps on doing the narration of this documentary series, people/fans would always love to have the renewal of this documentary series. Some so many subscribers are still waiting for Our Planet season 2 and they all are daily updating comments online in demand for the second season. Thus this strong dedication of the fans of this documentary series shows how much they want the second season of Our Planet.

Hopefully, there will be a making-of another season of Our Planet. So that every fan can get to explore the beauty of nature and real wildlife by sitting in their home.

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