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Our Planet Season 2 Netflix: When will the show get a renewal?

Our Planet

‘Our Planet’ is a highly liked documentary, an Emmy Award-winning show, caught every once eye on it. Now Viewers are restless for the 2nd season. Read till the end to get all the information about the Show. When will the Show get its renewal? 

When will the release date get out? What is the Show all about? And other details with some important facts await your attention.


‘Over Planet’ is a British nature documentary made by Netflix. There is only one season, which was originally released on 5th April 2019, containing eight episodes. The Show is composed by Steven Price and narrated by a master storyteller, David Attenborough. 

Our Planet is the first nature documentary ever made by Netflix. The show was filmed in 50 different countries all over the world. The Show took years to make, with the help of 600 crew members to capture all the incredible footage. Read further for season 2’s renewal.

When will the Show get a renewal?

There are no doubt fans are waiting for the next season, which is not going to be on the screens soon. Season 1 is very recent, and the next season will take a long time. Thankfully, we can say that the Show was loved, so it’s certainly possible that season 2 will be in the making. Nothing is confirmed yet, which is why fans will have to wait for years. 

What ‘Our Planet’ is all About?

The documentary focuses on how the environment is affected by humans. It mesmerizes views by showing amazing wildlife and plants on earth in a way that has never been seen before. The Show is the message for us to wake up and see the most precious species and fragile habitats that we are on the way of destroying by our actions against the environment. It is trying to make us realize that our planet is interconnected and codependent, so we need to work hard to save over selves. 

Review analysis of Season 1 ‘Our Planet.’

Viewers loved the way it is filmed, extraordinary effects, and enhanced colors. The Show includes breathtaking views and heartbreaking moments at the same time, which were moving. 

Apart from the technicality, the Show contains a heavy message. The message suggests us to keep a balance with nature to have a sustainable human race. Our Planet is worth a short regardless of the genre you like. 

This was it about our Planet. See you soon with other important news. Stay home, stay safe.


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