Oscar 2021 predictions and Kirby as one of the best supporting actress nominations?

Vanessa Nuala Kirby AKA Vaness Kirby an American actress who earned her limelight through her role as Princess Margaret in the Netflix series, The Crown. 

Apart from Crown, she is remembered for her roles in Mission Impossible: Fallout, Hobbs & Shaws, and Pieces of a Woman. Kirby was born in Wimbledon, London to Jane and Roger Kirby. She is a sister of Joe and Juliet. Moreover, she was a born actor. Kirby’s career began as a theater artist in 2009, and gradually became the favorite of everyone’s. 

Kirby earned an Emmy nomination and BAFTA award and a wide spotlight, all led her to major roles in Hollywood movies such as playing the role of an arms dealer, named white widow in Mission Impossible: Fallout in 2018, Hobbs & Shaws(2019) and along with Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham in a spinoff of the Fast and Furious movie. 

Quick Factoid 

  • Known for: Princess Margaret in series The Crown. 
  • Famous as: an English actress
  • Birth if year: 18th April 1988
  • Nationality: British
  • Boyfriend: Callum Turner 
  • Daughter of Jane and Roger Kirby
  • TV debut: The Hour
  • Film debut: Love/Loss
  • Net worth: by 2020 it is estimated to be around 4 million dollars. 

How did she earn her fame at a very young age? 

After completing her English degree and also earned an opportunity to study at the London Academy of Musical and Dramatic Arts. Eventually, Kirby declined the offer to begin her career at the Octagon Theatre in 2010. 

Stunningly, Kirby earned positive acclaim and won the Rising Star award from the Manchester Evening News. 

Following her achievements, she debuted in the television field in The Hour. Subsequently, she gained roles in television shows “Three Sisters (2013)”, “Great Expectations ministries (2011), “labyrinth (2012)”. 

Kirby’s film career began with The Rise, About Time (2013), “Queen and Country (2014)”, and “A Streetcar Named Desire (2014)  

Apart from doing all these remarkable roles, she ultimately gained the people’s attention after her role as the younger sister to Queen Elizabeth II, named an unpredictable, chain-smoking Princess Magaret, in the Netflix series The Crown.

Childhood and upbringing of Vanessa Kirby

The former Country Living magazine editor, Jane, and urologist Roger Kirby gave birth to Vanessa Kirby following her siblings Joe and Juliet. She was born on the 18th of April 1988 in Wimbledon, London. 

Kirby did her schooling part at Lady Eleanor Holles School in Hampton.  Kirby’s parents are the ones who sparked her interest in the acting field. 

During her childhood, Kirby was bullied by many students at Lady Eleanor Holles School, and also she suffered from Giardia, an illness that required constant and invasive medical care. Kirby’s life was full of ups and downs as she was initially turned down by Bristol Old Vic Theatre school, thereby she took a year off before moving to the University of Exeter to study English. 


Kirby and an actor Callum Turner were once in love, where both acted together in “Queen and Country”. But unfortunately, their four-year-old relationship ended in February 2020.

Vanessa Kirby’s net worth is estimated at approximately 4 million dollars by 2020.