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OOps! Faith Evans and Stevie J Seem to Share Bittersweet Married Life

Faith evans

Faith Evans, the very stunning actress, singer, songwriter, record producer has never failed to set the stage on fire with any of her skills. Being an American she is more into Hip Hop, R&B, and soul. She has had several relationships in the past and not forgetting, Christopher Wallace, the man after whom she was titled as the widow. It’s not been long ago since she married Stevie J. Steven Jordan popularly known as Stevie J is also a record producer and a television personality.

The troubling married life of Faith and Steven:

the fact that Faith had been the troubling wife to Steven is no more hideous. It was some months back that Faith’s violent behavior towards Steven during an argument landed her in prison. She was then charged with felony domestic violence. The statement released by the officials spoke that there were visible scratch marks on Steven’s face.

Stevie J

Steven Drops the Case Against Faith:

when it came to trial, it was Steven himself who decided to not take the case forward and then ended up getting Faith bailed. It was his will not to see her being charged and later punished for something that he considered was their personal affair. He had to call the police as the argument was going more violent and he wanted her to away. It was also said that both unfollowed each other from their social media account but behaved like they had no idea about it. Faith was reported being startled after hearing that she was unfollowed by Steven on Social media.

 When Steven kissed Faith :

when the reporters indirectly asked whether Steven was going through hell, he kissed Faith on her cheek and denied the indirect allegations against her. The cause of the fight that landed faith in jail is yet unknown. The couples share 10 children from their previous marriage, however, they don’t have any children together. It was also reported that Steven is incomplete father-mode since his marriage with faith.

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