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One Punch Man season 3: Here’s all the updates you need to know

One punch man has been one of the most overpowered protagonists in all of anime. The gap between the first and second was three and a half years. However, judging by that it doesn’t seem like we can expect the next season this year or even next year. Season 3 hasn’t even been officially confirmed yet, but we might be in for a long wait.

After its first release in 4th October 2015, the show made waves with its slapstick comedy and terrifyingly powerful main character. The story also has some of the most potent evil villains and heart-warming stories of bravery and courage. 

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Moreover, One punch man follows Saitama who happens to be a hero for fun. He possesses incredible speed and strength after a rigorous training session that he took up on his own. Saitama has a strong sense of justice but feels bored and lonely because he has no opponents who can go all out on. 

In season 3, we can expect to see the hero hunter Garou getting a lot more screen time after he was taken forcibly to the monster’s association lair. If by any chance Garou decides to take the monster cells offered to him he would surely be a tough matchup even for Saitama. 

Cast and characters

The cast of the show would most likely remain the same which includes:

  • Makoto Furukawa as Saitama
  • Sawashiro Yuuichi as Mumen Rider
  • Kaito Ishikawa as Genos
  • Nobuo Tobita as Sitch
  • Ueda Youji as Bespectacled Worker

One punch man Season 3

Even though we could be in for a long wait of a few years before the next season finally comes our way, the wait will surely be worth it. With the unique plot and the carefree protagonist, the show manages to merge comedy and life-threatening terrors into the same plot and pulls it off perfectly.

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