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One Piece: How old is Luffy in 2020 after the time lapse?

Monkey D. Luffy is a strong character in the anime and manga series One Piece. Luffy is created by Eiichiro Oda, this character acquires the properties of rubber, when Luffy accidentally eats the supernatural Gum-Gum Fruit.

One Piece manga which has made in 1997, was initially estimates to run for five years, but the creator, Eiichiro Oda continued the series into the next decade. This has developed the series as a cult for the ardernt manga fans to follow. And he reinforces the story with the strong characterization of the character of Luffy.

Why is Luffy’s character important to One Piece?

It is the character of Luffy which drives the plot. Luffy wasn’t always as strong as he is today. The story of Luffy starts when he was five-year-old. At this point of time he started his rigorous training to set his foot rightly on the adventures.

When Luffy was 17, he was fighting with men who were almost double his age and twice as big as him. But Eiichiro Oda was keen enough to make the story reader friendly so that they would believe in Luffy’s powerful dimensions.

Luffy fights a number of enemies in the series. And the range is diverse. He fights pirate, and bad marine, there are those third-party weird people and also the devil-fruit beyond the red line. The real life of Luffy’s characters makes him vulnerable to his encounters. He almost dies when he fights with the devil-fruit user, the Buggy & Crocodile. Many a time his friends have helped him to fight the evil energies.

How old is Luffy in 2020?

Luffy is not a generic hero but has progressed in training himself with effective dedication.

When Luffy begins his journey as the infamous pirate from East Blue Sea to Grand Line, his age is 17. But after that a time skip happens and we have been wondering what his age is since then.

After the time skip happens, Straw Hat Pirates begin to train separately. And with this the older Luffy returns. From this point of time, Luffy is 19 years old. This is the oldest his age has reached till the present point in his story arc.

In the present time, Luffy is still 19 years old in the manga and anime of One Piece.

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