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One of the Men In Black’s missions is unfinished! When can we expect MIB 4

MIB: International is also inferred as Men In Black: International, is an American Science fiction, action, and comedy film. The Men In Black movies always follows the story of protecting the earth from the antagonists in the universe.

From 2012 onwards there had been talks all over the corners regarding the fourth sequence of MIB, but only by 2018, it was officially opened by Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson as the stars. After Chris and Tessa on-screen chemistry in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe Thor series, especially in Thor: Ragnarok, they are brought together again for the MIB sequence. 

The film was under the path of F Gary Gray and got its worldwide release on June 14th of 2019 by Sony Pictures under its Colombia Picture label.

The Men In Black: International is exclusively available on Amazon Prime Video. 

New updates on MIB: International franchise. 

As per the announcements, it was believed that if a sequence of MIB: International is confirmed by February of 2020, then there will be more possibility of its release in 2021. But due to the COVID19 pandemic, there has been no news regarding the sequel yet. 

What would the MIB 4 movie seem like? 

The movie was declared as a box office disappointment thereby gaining a lot of negative reviews and claimed as the worst of the series. Yet the chemistry between Chris and Tessa was appreciated. 

In the latest sequel, MIB attempts the biggest threat, which is to find a mole in the Men In Black organization. The movie follows after an eye-opening meeting of the third kind, the secret MIB organization’s newest recruit, Agent M, finds out herself under the wing of Agent H in London, England when a shape-shifting couple of assassins kill an alien gentleperson. Presently, with a devastating superweapon of mass destruction hidden somewhere on earth. 

Nonetheless, the agency will be surrounded with full of mistrust and betrayal.

Men In Black by-product movies. 

The film is a spin-off of the famous 90s films of MIB sequences, where the spot of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are replaced by Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson. Men In Black film series is based on the Malibu or Marvel comic book series of the exact title by Lowell Cunningham. 

Celebs that are coming to get her in the latest series of MIB

Tessa Thompson as Molly and Chris Hemsworth as Agent H are the new galaxy defenders in MIB: International.

Other notable characters are:

  • Pawnee’s role is played by Kumail Nanjiani.
  • Agent O’s role is played by Emma Thompson 
  • Liam Neeson is performed as High T 
  • Riza’s role is played by Rebecca Ferguson. 


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