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Once Upon A Time Series To Leave Netflix

The famous fantasy drama is expected to stop airing on the online-streaming platform.

The Once Upon A Time series has attracted many views for Netflix. While their relationship with Netflix has been more than great, there maybe a possibility that the online-streaming platform may stop airing the show all together. It seems like the time has come wherein another one of the ABC shows will stop airing on the Netflix platform. This attitude is typical of ABC as there are many shows that they have stopped airing throughout the past period.

What is the reason behind all this?

It is rumoured that ABC’s show, Once Upon A Time has over its past few seasons, highlighted many assortments that are exclusive to Disney. There have been multiple reference made to the Disney characters and for the longest time possible, as a result of this, has promoted Disney as a whole brand. It would make sense if Disney+ would want a share of it, especially given what an absolute it has ended up being. For those who are unaware, Disney+ is among the yet-to-launch platforms that has been claiming to come into service since the last year. Finally, they were able to launch the platform at the right time, given that everyone is glued to their television after the pandemic restrictions were put into effect.

Will Disney+ air Once Upon A Time now?

This brings us to the question, “Will Disney+ now air all the seasons of Once Upon A Time?” Well, that is a question only they will be able to answer. It so happens that it is nearly confirmed that they will be airing the seasons. However, there is no date to it as of now.

The show, in total, ran for 155 episodes. There are nearly seven seasons of entertaining fantasy that exclusively belongs to Disney. This is a huge loss for Netflix, as this has taken away a large chunk of their subscribers from them.

There are a lot of big names behind this grand project. People as admirable as writers of ‘Lost and Tron: Legacy’ and similar lore, folklore and fairy-tale themed Disney stories, are a part of this seven-season long project.

Did Netflix stop airing ‘Once Upon A Time’ already?

Well, now that we know that Netflix will be experiencing this major loss – what we don’t know is the fact that there is a timeline attached to this. Currently, we are expecting the series to continue airing on Netflix until September, 2020. Following which, they will no longer be airing the seasons. It seems like they have penned 6th September, 2020 as the final day on which, they will have any association with Once Upon A Time.

Certainly seems terrible for Netflix. This will also mean that the online-streaming platform will no longer be able to air future seasons of the show. Of course, there will be another instalment, given just such a massive hit this series has been. However, Netflix will unfortunately, not have any association with this series, whatsoever.

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