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On My Block: Netflix reveals the plan for season 4, might get renewed soon!

On My Block season 3 was released worldwide on Netflix on March 11. After the huge success of the previous season, Netflix is considering to renew the show but this is not green lit yet.

Brian Wright, who is the Vice president of of young adult series on Netflix has remarked that: “We’re thrilled to continue working with her on On My Block and look forward to other future projects.” This establishes that the series has a bright future ahead and is not wrapped up yet. The series is created by Lauren Iungerich, Eddie Gonzalez, and Jeremy Haft.

Premiering of Netflix, On My Block is a teen comedy drama web tv series is. The show had made its debut in March 16, 2018. After three successful season, the plans for Season 4 is being discussed, but it has not received an official announcement yet. Also, the creator of the show Lauren Iungerhich has signed a multi year deal with Netflix for On My Block and hence it is not going to wrap up anytime soon.

What can we expect from On My Block Season 4?

The four friends Monse, Ruby, Jamal and Cesar, are by the end of season 3 geographically and socially displaced. Fans want them to quickly patch up in the events of the fourth season. Season 3 also had a time leap of two years and it is expected that the coming season will fill in this time leap.

A lot had actually happened by the end of Season 3, and as Iungerhich adds, “This one is really going to mess you all up”, unlike the previous two seasons.

Iungerhich further talks about how season 4 will build up the plot for the characters. “Your first thought, you’re like, ‘Oh shit, how do we adapt season four?’ But it actually opened up so many different ways and different avenues to really allow these characters to grow and spread their wings and for us to see their stories evolve and change.”

So, we can expect the cast to experience a number of twists and turns in their journey.

The cast members of the upcoming season will include:

•Sierra Capri in the role of Monse,
•Diego Tinoco in the role of Cesar,
•Jason Genao in the role of Ruby
•Brett Gray in the role of Jamal
•Jessica Marie Garcia in the role of Jasmine and
•Julio Macias in the role of Spooky among the other characters of the show.

When will Netflix premiere the coming season of On My Block?

Season 4 has not received an official confirmation yet. As soon as Netflix renews it, the series will go ahead with the production. Till then you can catch up with the previous seasons of On My Block on Netflix.


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