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OMG ! have a look at the Shocking Reply Ronnie Magro gives to one of his fans

Ronald J. Ortiz-Magro Jr. popularly known as Ronnie Ortiz-Magro is a captivating American actor. We cannot forget his role in the Jersey Shore, the enigmatic personality of Ronnie bewitched many hearts. His outstanding performance as a contestant in the above-mentioned show made him return for the Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.

Ronnie, being a famous television celebrity has successfully charmed many hearts and thus his fans from around the globe get pretty thrilled about his love life. So to know more about his love life, do refer to the details below:

His Bittersweet relationship with Jen Harley:

Jen Harley has not only been a loving girlfriend to Ronnie back then but also a mother to his child. Ronald shares a daughter named Ariana Sky with Jen and they both seem to genuinely care about their daughter despite their differences. The love bond between Jen and Ronnie could not remain for a longer time and as per the resources, they have already separated their ways.


Ronnie’s Shining armor: Saffire Matos:

Although Ronnie and Matos are not officially in a relationship still Ronnie leaves no stone unturned to better his days with Matos. Days back he posted a picture of Mato and himself kissing each other with the caption that one could not force happiness. The couple has been slow and steady in their relationship and wants to nurture their bond with time. It also seems right on Ronnie’s part after facing the troubled relationship with Harley.

Ronnie’s puzzled reply:

when Ronnie posted the picture of him kissing his new beau(Matos) on vacation, a fan, out of curiosity asked about Matos. The reply that Ronnie gave might let you believe that despite being in an exquisite relationship with Matos his mind is still hovering around Harley as Ronnie in his reply wrote that Jen considers him and Ariana her world. The fans were really shocked which later was followed by a great deal of discussion in his comment section. Although he mistook Matos for Jen he did not come forward to confront his reply.

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