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Now You See Me Is Returning With A Third Movie

The movie will feature the original cast members.

‘Now You See Me’ as a franchise, has been quite successful for Lionsgate. The movie featured a unique concept that was absurd. Since the creators of the movies were able to make it as convincing as humanly possible, the series was sure to be a hit with the audience. Several years after the first movie was released, little did the creators know that they will be able to launch the third part as well. It’s been four years since the second part was released. This, just like its previous instalments, was quite a hit among the audience. At the time, there was no news update regarding whether there would be a third part as well. Although, it is safe to assume that the creators might be watching out for the reactions that they receive for the second part. Based on the same, they would prefer stepping forward with a third part.

The ‘Now You See Me’ franchise revolves around the lives of four criminal magicians, who prevail famously by the name of ‘The Four Horsemen.’ The first two movies consisted of some of the very big names from Hollywood. The first film featured marvelous actors such as Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Michael Caine, Mark Ruffalo, Morgan Freeman, Dave Franco, and Daniel Radcliffe. Daniel Radcliffe was only able to join the cast later in the second part. However, the rest of the actors have been a part of the movie since its inception.

‘Now You See Me’ 3 is returning

Eric Warren Singer, who has been the writer for the ‘Now You See Me’ franchise since its origin, is reportedly planning on bringing all the cast members together. They are doing this with the effort of making a third movie. For those who aren’t aware, Singer is popular for writing scripts for hit movies like ‘Top Gun: Maverick.’

Lionsgate Chief spokespersons, Nathan Kahane and Erin Westerman, in an interview with the media, stated, “Eric has always been fascinated with the fine art of deception and illusion in all of its forms and he came to us with a great story that takes the mythology of ‘Now You See Me’ and pushes The Four Horsemen to a whole new level with our key returning cast and new characters.”

Further, talking about the third film, the creators stated that the movie is surely going to keep the audience surprised as well as guessing till the end. They further added, “Any great magician knows, you can’t keep doing the same tricks. And Eric and his team of illusionists have something special up their sleeve for this new film.”

The production obviously faces delay over the latest Coronavirus pandemic situation. It remains to be seen exactly how and when the third film and its storyline unfolds.

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